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Career Profile of a Talent Acquisition Detective

A presentation of the career history, core functional skills & behavioural competencies of this Technology & Talent Solutions Professional: Martin Shaw

Martin Shaw

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Career Profile of a Talent Acquisition Detective

Detail 1
Talent Acquisition & Hire Fulfillment / Delivery
Martin Shaw's Career Profile
Contact Info & Online Resources
This is an Introduction to a
Talent Acquisition Detective & Candidate Engagement Junkie

... who is not a one dimensional sum of his work experiences but more a product of everything in his life that has mattered to-date.

Its this wider experience that makes him what he is in the world and guides him in what he will go on to do.
Direct Talent Sourcing Channels
Understanding the Brand Value Chain
Behavioral Competencies
Talent Acquisition Processes & Marketing Technology
The Quote
Dig Deeper & Find Out More
Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Solution Strategy
Directly involved with business strategy definition, “as-is” analysis, project planning and delivery of many recruitment process and recruitment marketing solutions from both a vendor and in house perspective
"We can each define ambition and progress for ourselves.

The goal is to work toward a world where expectations are not set by the stereotypes that hold us back, but by our personal passion, talents and interests."
Sheryl Sandberg:
COO at Facebook
The foundation for developing great employer brand communications (face to face or digitally) must start by ensuring the organizations business goals are fully synchronized with its employer value goals.
This provides the path to effective and meaningful internal & external brand communication.
I understand and appreciate this and how to apply it when creating internal and external communications and talent sourcing solutions.
Excellent interpersonal & communication skills

Demonstrates a proactive approach in improving & developing processes
Customer focused; builds positive relationships at all levels, both internally & externally
(Communication) (Client Service)
Proven ability to gain knowledge of business areas outside of core role and act as a business partner.
Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
Career History
Current Status & Availability
Interim & Consulting
Full-time Career
The Person
Now For A New Chapter
: Martin T Shaw
: Ware, Hertfordshire
: +44 (0) 7791 673 715
Skype ID
: shaw1964
LinkedIn Profile
Download CV PDF
Download Experience PDF

Experience Summary
The hub of a great starting experience for an ideal prospect candidate is an organizations web 'real estate'
This is even more vital when the employers corporate brand values are seen as high profile and appeal to distinct people types.
It should be used as a great asset when you look to gain leverage from the organizations brand profile
You build focused talent communication and engagement solutions within the business and to the wider external talent pool
Ability to transform recruitment functions and departments, including the latest mobile and Web 2.0 approaches and seeing the candidate as a customer
Provide functional recruitment expertise, including experience in the design, implementation and management of recruitment and wider business solutions
I understand and can configure Social media channels such as Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to distribute Employer Brand content that builds active and passive candidate engagement and talent pool growth.
In addition, I can use these same channels along with web search engines to mine for specific matching criteria for live active job roles.
With a clearly defined EVP and subsequent employer brand strategy; I have the knowledge and technical skills to develop a range of talent referral solutions that can maximize internal employs, successful and unsuccessful applying candidates and the wider passive talent communities the business needs to engage with.
Having worked in lead recruitment, operations and commercial roles, my competencies in these areas are constantly tested and I believe that you must be capable of taking time to reflect on your successes and any failures you might have experienced.

I understand, on occasion I can come across as too familiar in my style and in other situations a little digital in my communication style, though these traits surface rarely.
Overall I know if you ask for references the feedback will confirm I am a confident, persuasive communicator, rarely fazed by new environments with the ability to relate to people from any environment or experience level.
I believe it is important to understand one’s own emotional intelligence and its impact in these very same competencies. A recent review (Dec 2013) of my EI produced the following feedback from the test result (Score 76 out of 100
<> http://testyourself.psychtests.com/testid/3038):
“Martin is reasonably skilled when it comes to the core ability of identifying, perceiving and expressing emotions in him and others but there is still room for growth. Overall, Martin's skills in this area of emotional intelligence help him in the process of reading others, understanding how they feel, and effectively identifying his own emotional state"
Fully skilled in Applicant tracking systems (ATS and RMS): worked with multiple platforms, led business analysis for clients and vendors, resulting in improved ATS/RMS product and service offerings (to both internal and external clients)
Knows how to make ATS/RMS platforms work with career sites, mobile career sites, employer branding and direct talent attraction tools such as LinkedIn and Google job promotion for direct hires
Understand Talent/Recruitment web hosted platforms related to workflow process and marketing/acquisition, including its service delivery, pricing and marketing, due to having direct involvement in the development of “Attract HR”, a full end-to-end ATS/RMS hosted platform
Support clients in social media and online marketing communications, both within and outside the recruitment space
Make time to research how to make the best of existing tools/technology and push for the development of solutions, yet to be created
Have 16 plus years providing direct delivery or delivery management of recruitment consultancy end to end hiring services.

These include:
Volume Managed Service Contracts, Critical Skills RPO, Seasonal Hire Projects, Executive Search assignments, A Graduate Apprenticeship entry program and traditional skilled contractor and permanent hire briefs.
Within that time I have had the lead responsibility of setting up from scratch three separate office and recruitment business unit locations, directly grew then managed many different recruitment teams.

I have also defined then implemented two different recruitment service solutions (one internal only) for a national UK business.
Active and passive candidate networking via traditional and digital communication channels,
Functional and Industry job sector experience has come from placing
Engineering, Operations and Management within Off Shore Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Construction

Management, Sales and Marketing, Project Management, Business Analysis and Development from within Software, Mobile Device, Creative and Web & Information Technology areas

I have worked within the advertising agency space when assigned to Euro RSCG as Head of Sales for "Engage" their new digital talent communication venture and as a

Geographically I have delivered results nationally throughout the UK, in a number of locations across Europe and internationally to a smaller extent
I know how to conduct competency job profiling and screening, develop best practice recruitment process & candidate relationship management, through to job offer closing and Pre / Post Job start on-boarding.

Delivered highly specialized, team and senior management assignments, through to advanced services like competency identification and job profiling, Managed Services and RPO

I have successfully delivered results as a recruiter applying this knowledge then trained management and recruiters in these best practices.
I have a detailed understanding of the full recruitment life cycle and I am skilled in multiple recruitment sourcing methodologies; this covers:
To be solutions focused, you must be able to demonstrate the ability to solve problems. You must also know how to deliver your solution strategy in a planned and thought out way, in order to achieve your desired outcome (solution result). Not letting you or your team to get focused on the problem but understanding how to get from the problem with a thought out plan and achieving the result you want, clearly shows you have a 'positive can-do attitude.

I have many examples in my twenty three years involved with the recruitment and resourcing sector that confirm I have core competencies as a problem solver and planner. I can also show that I am goal orientated, both hands on as an end to end recruiter and in the design, implementation and management of wider recruitment solutions, as part of a team or on an individual basis.
Solutions focused and embodies a positive can-do attitude
(Problem solver - Analyzer)
(Goal Orientated)
(Organized Planner)
You cannot demonstrate a proactive approach to changing (improving / developing) process, technology or long standing customs and practices without the ability to champion and lead these changes. If you do not lead your changes, a well known NLP term called 'Looping' behavior can result. To prevent this you must consistently energize the value of what is happening and the benefit to the parties involved in the experience. Then take action to remove any unforeseen hurdles or have the ability to utilize influencers/stakeholders to support your goals. If you do not do these things well, there is a risk that the time, effort and investment you spend to achieve your goal will fall short of everyone’s expectations

I have had many (some great) successes in delivering change to a business in terms of working practices, performance improvements and technology infrastructure and I have also experienced some failures in these areas. I am proud of the good and the great results but the reality is I gained more insight and understood better about implementing change from my review of the unsuccessful projects I have been involved in. Having the best idea / strategy – is in fact only 20 to 40 % of what is needed to make something a successful outcome.
(Change Leadership)
It is easy to see why both communication and client service competencies are important traits to have in matching this behavioral area. Understanding both internal and external customers and gaining their trust and agreement on 'realistic' expectations is vital for this and many other roles in a business. By knowing you can meet or exceed negotiated and agreed expectations builds loyalty and longer term commitment to a plan or new ideas you might put forward in the future. To do this you must also be a competent communicator and influencer, because you will not achieve realistic expectations without the ability to listen and know how to negotiate effectively.

The Art of Recruitment is a great area to hone these competencies, as they are core skills to have if you are to be successful. From agreeing and defining a recruitable job brief that will allow you to present a great candidate shortlist, to closing and negotiating a job acceptance or taking that acceptance all the way to his or her first day start with your company. Other areas such as the ability to develop useful personal networks to support your talent acquisition can also be mentioned. There is also when you communicate to Stakeholder (Client) or Candidate (Client) to ensure a great recruitment workflow experience that show the benefit of having these competencies and I can provide examples and references to confirm my competence in both.
(Organizational Understanding)

This behavior is most suited to the core competence of 'Organizational Understanding' and by showing you have this will be seen by others in how they perceive you as a partner in their business goals.
From providing construction staff to Germany after the Berlin wall came down to successfully delivering a £300 k senior search brief for McKinsey and Co at the height of the DOT COM era; every assignment/project has differences.

The recruitment steps, core practices and client expectations can be similar but what is never the same (each and every time) is the cultural and organizational environment you are working in. Not to mention the 'real time' impact you need to account for in terms of the economic or political climates at that time.
To be successful as a recruiter you need to have good knowledge and understanding in some of these areas and in the others, an awareness of what is happening in order to be a success in your job objectives.

Having this competence will help you support the hiring manager in selecting, not the most technically competent person for the role but the person with the competencies to be a success in the role and who is also the ‘best fit’ for the company. From my experience over these many recruitment years, the best technically suitable person and the person who is the best fit are regularly two different candidates.
(Cultural Awareness)(Communication)
The communication competence has wide behavioral boundaries and is very much dependent on each situation, delivery method and the environment you need to communicate in.

If you can imagine the whole of the Communication competence as a map of London and I was asked how much of the area do I really know; I would honestly say

"I can find my way to any part of London without help but would always know who ask if I needed support or help, but in some areas like The City, West End or parts of North London then in these places I would be surprised if I ever become lost”.
Martin T Shaw
What You Need To Know
This presentation covers the full professional and personal profile of Martin Shaw. Originally from the Sunderland in the North East of England and now residing in Hertfordshire.

The scope of this presentation is to provide you with an engaging way to review who Martin is, what he has experienced in his career to date and from this, how he might provide suitable competencies and technical skills to support your planned goals / business objectives. Martin would like to hear from you if you are interested in any of the following:

Networking connections
Fixed project Ideas
Interim Contract Opportunities
Permanent Career Opportunities
Please enjoy the presentation and if you would like to know more, then do get in touch.
On and offline advertising Traditional search long listing
including talent referral techniques and candidate interview sourcing.
Skills Check
Bond – Recruitment Process Management
Voyager – Recruitment Process Management
Attract HR– Recruitment Process Management
Bullhorn – Recruitment Process Management
Amris – Recruitment Process Management
Recruitment / Talent Acquisition ATS
Recruitment / Talent Acquisition Careersites
Recruitwise - Website Content Management
Otys - Website Content Management
4Mat - Website Content Management
Job Advert Multi-posting Platforms
Broadbean - Multi Posting Tools
Idubu - Multi Posting Tools Recruitment
Knollenstein - Multi Posting Tools
SaaS and Offline Productivity Applications
PowerToon - Online Animation Software
Prezi - Online Presentation Software
OnePage CRM – Online CRM Solution
MS Office Suite - Business Productivity Software
MindJet - Mind Mapping Application
Snagit - Content Capture Software
Balsamiq Mock Ups - Wire Framing Tool
LinkedIn – Business Social Channel
Facebook – Business Pages
Bullhorn Reach – Social Career Platform
TheJobPost – Recruitment Crowd sourcing
Social Media Platforms
Content Management Systems
WebGrasp - CMS solution
Modx – Open Source CMS platform
WordPress – Dot Com & Org platforms
Squarespace – SaaS CMS solution
Cloud Business & Collaboration Platforms
Google Apps for Business – Cloud Business Solution
Dropbox - Cloud storage
Eventbrite - Event and Meetings Platform
Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
Standard - SEO Knowledge
Long-tail - SEO Knowledge
Recruitment - SEO Knowledge
Jobs - SEO Knowledge
Paid - SEO & SMO Knowledge
Wordstream – Adwords Software
Just Imagine!
It might be an opportunity you are looking to fill?
I am a UK citizen and hold full entitlement to work throughout the EU member countries.

I would consider both a short term or full relocation should an opportunity hold matching personal career scope and reward.

My most recent consulting project finished February 2014; therefore I am available to consider new opportunities immediately.
Salary Expectations (Circa)
Employed Status (ES)
£55,000 to £85,000 annual rate

Contract Status (CS)
£350 to £450 per day
Recent / Previous Remuneration
My last interim (fixed period) contract was invoiced at £300.00 per day plus travel and subsistence allowance

The previous permanent position (2006) was paid at £48,500 pa + Benefits (Car Allowance – Medical – Gym)
If you wish to consider me for a permanent career option or long term interim assignment and I am motivated by the opportunity. my fit into the culture of the business and the role's scope to achieve the desired outcomes. I will be more than happy to negotiate a mutually acceptable package.
MARCH 2006 – Current: Business Consultant and Talent Solutions Specialist
Completed multiple fixed price consulting projects or interim contract assignments, where I deliver services around the functional areas of Operations, Sales and Marketing or project delivery of digital technology strategy and implementation. Mostly focused within the Talent Acquisition and Recruitment processes arena.
March 2013 - February 2014 : Consulting & Interim Assignments
Dec 2013 - Feb 2014: Developed a new information product Web 2.0 marketing offer based on both affiliate and own product revenue streams.

Aug 2013 - Dec 2013: Moved a B2B offline and & online business over to 100% cloud based infrastructure and created and launched new web site

Mar 2013 - July 2013: Interim Operation Manager an office equipment and consumables business
March 2006 - March 2013: Earlier Consulting & Interim Assignments
Jul 2012 - Feb 2013: Interim Director (Start Up) ~ The business looked to apply a combination of technology, on and off line marketing and communications capability, along with it's people's talent attraction, acquisition and recruitment process know how to supporting a clients talent acquisition strategy.

Sept 2011 - Jul 2012: Interim Sales & Operations Director - For a well known international Recruitment Training and Leadership Development business (Lander Associates). came in to support the businesses international expansion and the growth of its CMI accredited Leadership Development Program.

Aug 2006 - Aug 2011: Interim Operations Director for a Recruitment technology vendor. Helped move the company from the 'Recruitment Management Systems' - (RMS) vendor solutions market over to a full service website design and digital web services provider to the recruitment sector. Initially called Attract HR, then after board and business name change it become Recruitwise Technology.

Feb 2006 - Jul 2006: Interim Business Consultant for subsidiary recruitment advertising business of an international marketing agency. Used to help the business develop a white labeled online ATS and Career site suitable for launch into the UK market.

Aug 2005 - Dec 2005: Interim Business Development Manager for an corporate SME Applicant Tracking software vendor. Provided additional consulting sales support to the CEO in the presentation and sales of its ATS platform.
1990 - 2003: Previous Recruitment Business Roles
2002 - 2003: FR Europe Limited Executive Search - Search Consultant

2000 - 2002: Farn William Search - Lead Technology Division Consultant

1998 - 2000: Quo Vadis Consulting Services - Sales & Recruitment Manager

1994 - 1998: Kelly Services (UK) Ltd - Branch Manager & Managing Search Consultant

1992 - 1994: European Personnel Ltd - Branch Manager

1990 - 1992: Link Recruitment Group - Assistant Branch Manager
2003 - 2005: Options Employment Group - RPO Business & Group Recruitment Strategy Director
Provided strategy and management in the creation and set-up of Options Resource Management, a new RPO business unit for the company. This gave OEGL the opportunity to exploit a gap in the Construction and Facilities Management sector for RPO/Managed services that would increase its perm revenue stream at the same time.

In the role of Recruitment Strategy Director - I was asked to develop OEGL's then 80% + contract / temp revenue stream into a stronger contribution from permanent revenue lines. Developed a full recruitment, training and on-boarding program to hire graduate starters into Options via a 12 month apprenticeship style recruitment program, which is now used company wide.

Lead a small team responsible for high earning consultants and all other senior internal hires. Set up a ran an ‘all-skills’ talent pool solution and provided the business with a route map to deliver workforce retention initiatives and employee growth plans.
1980 - 1990: Prior Engineering Career History
David Brown Gears Limited: Recruited as an apprentice and trained to HNC level as a Manufacturing and Production Engineer. Held the following roles in that time:

CNC Programmer

QA Inspector

Apprentice Manufacturing Engineer
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