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Mgmt 341- Corporation Presentation on Accenture Spring '11

Manak Chojar

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Accenture

How? Awards & Recognitions Accenture CSR: The Community Providing the
“Skills to Succeed” Accenture’s corporate citizenship initiative is about educating people around the world – building skills that enable them to participate in and contribute to the economy and society. Accenture CSR:Environmental Initiatives The Goal:
To reduce per-employee carbon footprint by 40 percent by fiscal 2012. (Set in 2007) Broad Awareness Reduced Traveling Disaster Relief Corporate Citizenship Council Accenture and its Stakeholders Core Values Suppliers Employees Customers Community Stewardship Investors Best People One Global Network Respect for Individual Employee Volunteer Programs across The USA Cover a huge industry
Help them become high-performance businesses and governments
Unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities and extensive research on the world's most successful companies Equal opportunity to participate in the procurement sourcing process
Established Supplier Diversity Program Huge advocacy of diversity

Celebrate International Women’s Day Shareholders are treated fairly
Ranked 14 best in the Investor’s Relations
Follow Shareholder principles - Model Business Corporation Act SWOT analysis
Skills to Succeed initiatives:
Equip 250,000 people around the world with the skills to get a job or build a business by 2015 Initially called Andersen Consulting, they split from Arthur Andersen in 1989 as an international consulting firm. The History The Beginning: Accenture Today: Products/Services Management
Largest Consulting firm in the world
Global player in the technology consulting industry
Application Outsourcing, Infrastructure Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Internal Control - Prosser & Trigwell, 1997 Due Process Team Evaluation Ongoing Ethics Training & Communication Leadership Role Monitoring Business Partners Ethics & Compliance program include:

Written standards and procedures training and communications
Visible support of senior leadership
Appropriate oversight and delegation of authority
Auditing and monitoring
Consistent enforcement and discipline response and prevention. Pioneered ‘Business Integration’ – framework for aligning all aspects of a client’s business Specializes in global technology and management consulting Provides a full range of consulting, outsourcing and related technology services By 2000 net revenues exceeded US$9.5 billion with more than 70,000 employees in 46 countries (Today: 214,000 employees, over 200 locations in over 50 countries) In April 2001 Accenture voted to pursue an initial public offering, becoming public on July 19, 2001 (NYSE: ACN) Global Fortune 500 company It is the largest consulting firm in the world, as well as being a global player within the technology consulting industry Strengths
Vast international presence
Extensive services and products
Large inter-company financial growth
‘One stop shop’ consulting and management Weaknesses
Rarely deals with small to mid size companies
Size of company could lead to lack of uniformity and personalized client interaction Opportunities
Strong presence & expertise in growing markets
Worldwide name recognition will allow Accenture to venture into new markets
Benefiting from growth in both IT and healthcare sectors Threats
Recent recession has hurt international growth
Scope of international presence makes it hard to assure uniform quality and attention
Differing laws and regulations from country to country affect business plan and performance Ranked No. 47 on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands study
Bloomberg named Accenture#11 in 2009 for Best Places to Launch A Career
BusinessWeek named Accenture top 20 highest performing tech company in 2009
2007, 2008, 2009 named by Forbes as one of America’s Best Big Companies
In 2011 – for the third consecutive year – Accenture was included on Fortune magazines 100 Best Companies to Work For
Has Taken Top Employer award in multiple countries, including the UK, India, South Africa, Sweden and many others Client Value Creation Integrity Accenture Code of Business Ethics

Supplier Standard of Conduct
“Our Leaders engage in honest, open communication and foster mutual trust.” Chairman: Bill Green At Accenture, a leader is defined as an individual who…
� Value Creator, People Developer and Business Operator;
􀁸a role model who people choose to follow and work with;
􀁸 conducts business while living the Accenture core values and upholding the Accenture Code of Business Ethics;
􀁸 sets direction with vision and is passionate about the business;
􀁸 is proactive and moves beyond his/her comfort zone in pursuit of Accenture’s vision;
􀁸 projects confidence, optimism and energy to people in what they can achieve
􀁸develops strong and effective working relationships based on mutual respect and trust;
􀁸 strives to make others succeed;
􀁸shows character under pressure;
􀁸 takes charge and makes tough decisions;
􀁸 is an effective communicator;
􀁸 demonstrates a ‘can do’ attitude;
􀁸teams with other leaders;
􀁸 drives change. CEO: Pierre Nanterme “Employees who come forward with concerns play an important role in maintaining our ethical workplace.” A website created to for reporting concerns regarding financial andaccounting practices, auditing matters, corruption or fraud - and for the vital interest of the company or the moral or physical integrity of our people are at stake. Accenture Business Ethics Line: Integrity in action:
Being ethically unyielding and honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.
Haiti Earthquake Relief: $1 million to leading relief agencies working in the area.
Philippines Tropical Storm Ondoy : $1 million to help Accenture employees, their families and others affected.
Matched personal donations to the Accenture Disaster Relief Fund, up to a total of US$500,000. Broad Awareness
Reducing Traveling
Office Efficiency Programs
Helping Clients Achieve High Performance Through Sustainability United Nations World Environment Day in June 2009
Accenture Eco Challenge:
 32,000 Accenture people pledged to reduce carbon footprint.
o Promoting alternative travel arrangements
o Encouraging use of public transportation
o Cycle to work incentives
o Leading user of TelePresence
o Office Communicator
o Work-from-home
Office Efficiency Programs Green buildings
Many consultants have no office space dedicated to themselves
Helping clients achieve high performance through sustainability: Help clients integrate sustainability into their business strategies, operating models and value chains. Will reduce carbon footprint by 40,000 tons, or 28,000 roundtrip
flights between London and New York. Team Eco challenge:
 Team members implement green initiatives in their offices Why? What? Global Giving Ex: Save the Children Accenture Development Partnerships: strategic advice and technical and project management support to nonprofit organizations, non-governmental organizations, foundations and donor organizations operating in the development sector. Pro Bono & No - Fee Consulting Initiatives
Opportunity to take a leave of absence to volunteer their time and skills to work, often at the grassroots level, as an employee of a development organization. Ex: Voluntary Service Overseas "Implementing policies and supporting programs that are at the heart of Accenture’s global corporate citizenship activities."
Global Giving Programs
Disaster Relief Programs
Accenture Development Partnerships
Voluntary Service Overseas Pro Bono & No- Fee Consulting Initiatives Financial Initiatives: A group of senior executives from multiple disciplines and geographies who are tasked with implementing corporate citizenship activities. 13 geographic units
Accenture's current clients include 96 of the Fortune Global 100 and more than three quarters of the Fortune Global 500. Last year the company generated net revenues of US$23.09 billion. 10% Increase from the year before.
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