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Canyon Nichols L and L Project

No description

Shawn Groves

on 13 October 2017

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Transcript of Canyon Nichols L and L Project

Canyon Nichols L and L Project
Coordinates are used to help you
find a specific place on a map or
in the world
In this Presentation you will learn how to find a specific place in the world using a Coordinate.

1st step is Latitude and it goes side to side

2nd step is Longitude and it goes up and down

An easy step to remember this is you crawl before you climb
When it comes to some maps it may be tricky to find the correct place on the map because the lines are curved, but the reason they are curved is because the Earth is round. Because the Earth is round you must curve with the degree lines to find the correct place, as shown in the picture.
This is the Equator
See how the lines curve, you must curve with the lines to get the correct coordinate.
This is the Prime Meridian
Practice Coordinates:
1. 20W 10N
2. 20E 10S
Now that you know the basics of
how to use Longitude and Latitude
Coordinates lets practice what you
know. Complete these practice
coordinates on the Africa map.
The Equator is an imaginary line going through the middle of the Earth. Although it would be cool its not real its just used to help tell North from South.
The prime Meridian is just an imaginary line as well and its there so you can tell West from East.
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