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Meteghan: Back in The Day

No description

Elaine Zapata

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Meteghan: Back in The Day

WHAT DO YOU SEE? How many of you have ever had to move? Maybe from a different country? City? School? House?

How did this make you feel? A long, long time ago French- speaking people called Acadians lived Nova Scotia
The British made many Acadians leave their homes
After many years, some Acadians returned and settled in Meteghan and other villages Early Days in Meteghan Land in Meteghan Land in the Early Days Land around Meteghan was poor so it was difficult to farm on
The harbour around Meteghan was used for fishing
Thick forests were also found around Meteghan Meteghan: Back in the Day What type of land did
you see? Why do you think the land was important? Fishing and logging were very important to the Acadians as it helped them to survive! Fun Fact!!
Clare's shipbuilding industry began in Meteghan in 1890...
Some shipyards still exist today!!!!!
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