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Group 6- Unemployment

This prezi shows what we did in the whole exhibition and how we followed the inquiry cycle. This prezi represents all our hard work and our cooperation to complete the exhibition properly. Hope you like it :)

Nazmul rafi

on 11 April 2015

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Transcript of Group 6- Unemployment

Group 6
Tuning in
Finding out
Sorting out
Making connection
Taking action
Going Further
We selected Unemployment as our issue. Our teachers gave us newspapers from where we found many issues and chose one.
This was basically based on the organizations working to resolve unemployment.. We collected information on three organizations (UNESCO, INOU & ILO) and we presented our understanding/learning in many ways, such as power point presentations, Movie & chart works
We had a field trip to find out more about
unemployment. After the trip, we neatly
wrote our understandings in a paper and
made a chart.
We took many actions to help reduce unemployment, we did many things to earn money and try to get to a good total so we can donate it to help people. We donated it to help
the recent savar tragedy as you all know about. The things we did to earn money were:
We did a lot in this stage. It was one of the longest
but surely one of the most important.
In this stage
After getting our topic, we researched on it and found relevant news on it to extend our knowledge on the topic. The resources that helped us at this stage is: internet, books, etc.
In the finding out phase, We also had a formative
on the organizations working to resolve unemployment.Where we wrote our understanding on a few organizations working to stop or reduce unemployment.
We had a food feast. We took help from our parents to buy/make food and we bought it to school to sell it to third graders and our efforts were worth it because we had gotten a decent amount of money to donate.
We took orders from class 4 and class 3 for bookmarks. we made/printed our bookmarks and laminated them so we could sell it to the junior students.
We also showed a movie to the third graders. We charged them for the tickets and that ended up being a good contribution for the donation.
Throughout this exhibition, we have developed
most of the IB profiles, attitudes and skills. Even
though we faced some challenges for hartals, we overcame them through Edmodo. We have developed
cooperation and independence the most because working without the teachers is a really big deal and we have done it flawlessly. Without the cooperation and understanding between our members, we could'nt have done our exhibtion properly.
To assess our prior knowledge on unemployment we made a Y chart.
We analyzed a few pictures and demonstrated our prior knowledge on the issue.
International Labour Organization(Il0)
ILO was found in 1919 after the world war. The ILO became the first specialized agency of the UN in 1946.
ILO targets to make people skilled.
ILO employ the best skilled people without discriminating, and takes the oppourtunity to employ them.
How it works
With the help of government ILO takes initiative to employ people , government sends some workers to train the people and make them skilled and later employ them with a good amount of salary. ILO also search for some people who are jobless and employ them after they are trained.
Irish nation organization
of the unemployed (INOU)
The INOU was formed in 1978 against high unemployment rate.The organization has developed over the last 25 years and now has over 200 members.
INOU trains people to employ them so they get a good amount of salary.INOU targets the
jobless people and give them a good job with a decent amount of salary.
The INOU works at local and national levels on issues based on unemployed people.INOU educates people, INOU trains people who are unskilled and then they employ them with a suitable job.
United Nation Educational, Scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO)
UNESCO was found in 1994 16th November after the world war 2.Nazi (Germany) and allies met in United Kingdom, they thought of making an organization and educate people and give knowledge to bring peace instead of wars.
Unesco aims to educate people and give them a good job.
Unesco targets to build peace in the mind of citizens
Unesco has 195 members, every year they collect some money within their budget, through different projects they raise the money and try to educate people and bring peace in the world.
During the trip we saw many people both employed and unemployed. The employed people had a job but their job was low paying and not enough to help keep themselves and their family well. Some workers also faced problems due to hartals. Throughout all the people, most of them were at this stage because of lack of education. This field trip helped us get a clearer understanding on our issue, unemployment.
In the making connection stage, we did a lot and it was a vital part of our exhibition.
We did a follow up worksheet on a movie
we saw (the pursuit of happyness) and we
did another follow up worksheet on our field trip where we interviewed unemployed people. We made more connection by writing a story on unemployment, it's causes,effects & our responsibilities to reduce unemployment.
In the making connection part, we also had a guest
speaker session where the ''Human Aids Foundation'' came to our school to tell us about their organization, their aims and the issues they're working on. The organization basically works on helping needy people and providing them things they need. Our guest speaker session was really informative
Unemployment occurs when a person is seeking for work and not getting it to fulfill their demands. A Job is a very important thing for a person, If the person does not get a job he or she is unable to live in the world, Job gives money to the people and people buys their necessary things with money so if he or she does not have money then he or she cannot live in the world, thus job is an important thing for a person.
We had a field trip where we interviewed people who are suffering from seasonal employment with their job. We also made booklets and power point presentations on the causes and effects of unemployment.
During the field trip
Central idea: Cooperation plays a vital role in resolving unemployment all over the world.
Theme- how we organize ourselves
Lines of Inquiry:
Causes of unemployment
Effects of unemployment
Organizations working to resolve this issue
Our responsiblity towards the issue
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