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What’s Next for UA Students and Parents

FYE and PP University Days Presentation

Litsa Orban

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of What’s Next for UA Students and Parents

First Year Experience and Parent Programs
Mission Statement

First Year Experience and Parent Programs will support the successful academic and social transition of new students and families into the University of Alabama community.
Transition: "Any event, or non-event, that results in changed relationships, routines, assumptions, and roles...stress the role of perception in transitions...transition exists only if it is so defined by the individual experiencing it."

(Schlossberg et al., 1995, as cited in Evans, Forney, and Gido-DiBrito, 1998, p.111)
Transition is different for everyone.
Support, Resources, and Programs
Transition Talks
Campus Resources
Transition Issues
Goal setting
FYE Newsletter
Social Media
132 Mary Burke East
Phone: (205) 348-8404
Freshman Forum
A freshman leadership development program with an emphasis on civic engagement.
A community-building program for freshman and transfer students.
A publication written for students by students.
A time to engage with your faculty outside of the classroom over lunch.
"As a member of the University of Alabama community, I will pursue knowledge; act with fairness, honesty, and respect; foster individual and civic responsibility; and strive for excellence."
Tau Sigma National
Honor Society
Honorary Society for transfer students. Provide programs and assistance for transfer students.

Camp 1831
Transition Talks
Freshman Forum
Ignite UA
Out 2 Lunch
FYE Communication
Transfer Student Services
Peer Leaders
The Yell Crew
Peer Leaders serve in the classroom with a University faculty or staff member for Freshman Learning Communities and Compass Courses.
Connecting first-year students to the history and tradition of The University of Alabama. Participants will gain exposure to student life at UA while developing friendships and ensuring a successful transition to the University.
First Year Experience and Parent Programs

Parent Orientation
Parent Ambassadors
Family Weekend
Family Welcome Reception
Parent Advisory Council
Parent Communication
FYE Programs
Family Weekend
Family Weekend is an annual event designed for UA families to connect with one another, become more familiar with campus, experience UA Gameday and spend time with their students.
Parent Orientation
Parent Orientation is designed for parents and families of UA students to get a glimpse of life at the Capstone, gain insight on how to support their student and learn what it means to be a partner in their student's experience.
Parent Ambassadors
The Parent Ambassador team supports parents during their student’s transition to The Capstone. The Parent Ambassadors lead parents and family members through Parent Orientation as well as assist other programs hosted by the Division of Student Affairs.
Parent Communication
Crimson Connections: monthly E-newsletter and
bi-annual print newsletter.

PENPALS is an e-mail notification system that provides
parents with information about upcoming events,
announcements, and other information.
Parent Advisory Council
The Parent Advisory Council members assist with University events, offer UA parent insight and serve as a resource to other UA parents and families.
Preparing for Transition:
But what about...
Identify your support group
Find new hobbies
Recognizing your own feelings
Create your own ties to the University
Preparing for YOUR Transition
Website: fye.ua.edu
Website: parents.ua.edu
Email: fye@ua.edu
Email: parents@ua.edu
Family Welcome Reception
A "Sweet Start" to Your First Year
Saturday of move-in weekend
FREE for the whole family
Celebrating the start of a new year
Social Media
Facebook (bamaparents)
Twitter (@BamaParent)
The First Year Experience and Parent Resources
2014 Camp 1831 Dates
Session 1: August 6-8
Session 2: August 11-13
Session 3: August 15-17

Registration Info
$150 per student
Includes travel, camp gear, lodging, and food
May register after you have confirmed your student's Bama Bound session beginning
February 5th, 2014
Need-based scholarships are available!
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