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Similarities between Eastern and Western Cultures

No description

Madeleine Mathias

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Similarities between Eastern and Western Cultures

Similarities in Ideals Between Eastern and Western Cultures
By Lauren Wallo and Madeleine Mathias
What is Globalization?
focus on the individual
self motivation
emphasis on personal freedom and achievement
awards social status for personal achievement
focus on the group
conformity to a group
idea of equality for all
group motivation
coordinated fast production
Individualism Vs. Collectivism
Video example of globalization through the idea of beauty
Although Korea and America are on opposite sides of the world and have very different cultures, one can see that as time goes on there are increasing similarities between hairstyles and make up, especially when looking at South Korea which was open in the twentieth century to globalization and international trade.
What do we see?
Globalization is the worldwide integration and development through the act of extending to other or all parts of the world
Mostly occurred within the last few decades
Sparked by an increase in technology and open communication

Paul James and Manfred Steger (2010). Globalization and Culture, Vol. 4: Ideologies of Globalism. Sage Publications. Retrieved 24 May 2015.
Gorodnichenko, Y., & Roland, G. (n.d.). Understanding the Individualism-Collectivism Cleavage and its Effects: Lessons from Cultural Psychology. Retrieved May 22, 2015.
100 Years of Beauty-Episode 4: Korea [Motion picture]. (2015). Cut.com.
100 years of Beauty in 1 Minute-Episode 1: USA [Motion picture]. (2014). Cut.com.

a collection of knowledge that is both procedural (learned sequence of responses to particular cues) and declarative (representations of people, events, and norms) and is produced, distributed, and reproduced among interconnected people
What Is Culture?
Compare/ Contrast
American Values
South Korean Values
North Korean Values
Collectivism/National Pride
Traditional Family
Collectivism/National Pride
Hierarchy/Godlike Leader

Culture is made up of shared beliefs and values between connected people
Globalization strongly impacted culture and led to more commonalities
Countries that never became connected stand out and have "fallen behind"
Separation of the Koreas in ~1948
North Korea withdrew connections from the rest of the world
Globalization growing within the past few decades
Another Connection...
The Big 5 Personality traits can also be tied into culture
Personality is tied to both genetic predispositions in addition to environmental factors

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