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Once Dead Twice Shy

No description

nicole phompong

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Once Dead Twice Shy

Once Dead
Twice Shy
By: Kim Harrison Main Characters:
Madison- Is a girl who is dead but she's not alive. She ends up staying on earth until she finds her killer
Barnabas- A Light Reaper who was sent down to help Madison with her training
Nakita- A Dark Reaper who was sent by Kairos to kill Madison
Josh- A boy who Madison has a crush on and he helps her
Kairos- Nakita's Dark Time Keeper
Ron- Barnabas's Light Time Keeper
G.R.A.C.E.- an angel who she was sent down by Ron to protect Madison Theme: Survival, and Choices
Survival- because Madison has to save Josh from dying.
Choices- Madison has to choose either Setting:
Time- Modern Day
Place- every where
(like at her house, park, heaven ect. Mood:
My mood of this book made me want to see what happens to Madison and if she finds the killer and take back what was rightfully hers. Plot:
Madison Avery is a 17 year old who just died in a freak car accident on prom night. But to her killer it was no accident it was a planned scything. Just a small battle between light reapers and dark, choices and fate. Now Madison is on earth dead, but not alive trying to find her killer. The only reason why Madison can't leave is because she has taken the amulet of the killer. Point of View:
The book is in first person, and Madison tells what happens in the book in her own words. Author's Purpose: Entertain
To entertain us when Madison has to fight of Nakita, and Kairos. Dark Reapers who only believe in fate and are send down by their Time Keepers to scythe their victim. Light Reapers who believe in choices and save the person who is going to be scythe. Conflict:
Madison has to deal with every day problems, but the problems she has is more difficult than she could think of. She has to find her killer and get her body back from him, but now that her new friend Josh is in trouble she has to save him and her self before things could go wrong.
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