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The History of Flyleaf

How the American Christian rock group began.

Abigail Shimel

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of The History of Flyleaf

How it all began Flyleaf Lacey's Early Life Later on in her life, around 2000, Lacey began working with drummer James Culpepper. They recruited guitarists Sameer Bhattacharya and Jared Hartmann. In 2002, bassist Kirkpatrick "Pat" Seals joined. They formed a group named Passerby. Due to legal reasons, they renamed themselves to Flyleaf in 2004. Formation of Passerby In 2005 they released their debut album, which went under the same name as the band. It included songs "I'm So Sick", "Red Sam", and "Breathe Today". In 2009 they released Memento Mori, which included songs "Again", "Chasm", and "Swept Away". Album Work Lacey's Marriage In early 2012, sound producer Richard Caldwell died in a car crash. This took its toll on Lacey and the band. In their concert to raise money for Rich's family, they played "New Horizons", a song on their new album. Death of Richard Caldwell All members of Flyleaf are Christian, but, according to Lacey, that does not necessarily make them a Christian band. "If a plumber's Christian, does that make him a Christian plumber? We're not playing for Christians. We're playing honestly and that's going to come out." Flyleaf's Faith Flyleaf has been nominated for four awards. Lacey was nominated "Hottest Chick In Metal", Memento Mori was nominated "2011 Rock Album of the Year", their music video Missing won favorite music video, and All Around Me won 2009 favorite Pop Song, even though all of Flyleaf's songs are technically rock. Awards Today Flyleaf is getting prepared to release their new album "New Horizons" and Lacey has released that she would like to write a book, but no plans have been made. Lacey Sturm has also announced her departure from the band. Kristen May is going to be singing when they tour. Today In 2008, Lacey married Josh Sturm, and they had a child together, Joshua "Jack" Sturm. Lacey Nicole Mosley was born September 4, 1981. When she was 10, the death of her cousin caused her to turn to atheism. Four years later, an argument with her mother made her go live with her grandmother. When she was 16, she went to church with her grandmother, and Lacey says that she could feel God's hand on her shoulder. Ever since then she believed in God again. She had been writing music all throughout.
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