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Dell Inc. Business Ethics

No description

Grace Malbago

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Dell Inc. Business Ethics


Ethics Programs
Ethical Issue
Dell pays $100 Million to Settle Charges in Intel Case
Internal Ethics - dealing with Employees
"We treat everyone with dignity and respect, and comply with all laws relating to employment rights and working conditions in the countries where our team members live and work."
SEC charged:
Michael Dell
(Chairman & CEO of Dell)
Kevin Rollins
(former CEO)
James Schneider
(former CFO)
for their roles in the disclosure violations
Triple Bottom Line
"How We Win"
General guidance on how to carry out Dell's daily activities in accordance with:
purpose and values
compliance with the letter and spirit of applicable legal requirements
ethical principles
Ethical Principles
Raising issues and concerns
**Team Members:
ask questions and raise issues
concern will be treated seriously, fairly and promptly
Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Respect
Dell is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity, inclusion and respect.
Ensure non-violent workplace
Dell's workplace is free of violence, weapons and other disruptive behavior
Drug-free and Alcohol-free workplace
Dell team members volunteer their time, talents and energy
to support charitable causes and non-profit organizations.
Dell YouthConnect
Provides support for education and digital inclusion initiatives to ensure the next generation’s success in the Connected Era.
Delivering Results that make a positive difference
Dell makes sure that everyone — in any environment — can take advantage of technology.
Leading with Openness and Optimism
Focus on honest and practical communications
Listening carefully
Taking action to deliver solutions for real-world challenges
Dell paid $100 million to settle
Securities and Exchange Commission charges
The SEC alleges that Dell did not disclose to investors large exclusivity payments the company received from Intel Corporation to not use CPUs manufactured by Intel’s main rival.
Enables clinicians to securely access applications and data anywhere from nearly any device
Dell uses its resources efficiently and manages wastes effectively
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Dell's Code of Conduct
“ Winning with integrity means we operate legally and ethically, everywhere we are and in everything we do.”
–Michael Dell
Compensate lawfully and fairly
Dell comply with all applicable laws:
pay (timely and accurately)
working conditions
Preventing Harassment
Prohibit all behavior that undermines or interferes with a team member’s work performance by creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.
Respect to privacy of Employees' Personal Information
safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and security of team member’s personal information
External Ethics -Dealing with Shareholders
Ethics - dealing with Natural & Legal Environment
Anti-bribery and anti-corruption
Preventing money laundering and terrorist financing
Fair competition
Respecting the intellectual property of others
Protecting the environment
Promoting human rights
Charitable Activities
Integrity of Financial Statements and Regulatory Filings
Financial Information must:
be accurate and complete
comply with applicable accounting principles and legal requirements
Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
Avoiding Insider Trading
Preventing Theft and Fraud
Ethics - Dealing with Customers
Provide safe and dependable products
Keep promises to Customers
Protect the privacy of customer personal information
Dell encourages these kinds of activities provided they do not conflict with Dell’s interests or reflect negatively on Dell.
Winning with Integrity
Operates legally and ethically
Contributing their time, technology and know-how to improve the communities where they work and live
Dell failed to disclose material information to investors
Dell used fraudulent accounting to make it falsely appear that the company was consistently meeting Wall Street earnings targets.
Dell provides real world education for the disadvantaged, in growth job sector.
Web Design/Development
Animated Video
Banner Ads
Dell reduces packaging volume
Increases the use of sustainable content
Makes it easy for consumers to responsibly dispose of packaging through recycling or even composting
Dell's Mobile Clinical Computing Solution
Desktop virtualization and identity access management solution for healthcare professionals
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