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No description

on 2 April 2018

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Transcript of SWEDEN

Sweden Flag
Swedish Meatballs

18 oz ground beef/ pork mixture
1 1/4 cups of milk
3/4 cups white breadcrumbs
1 egg
1 onion
salt, white pepper
ground allspice
1. finely dice onion
2. soak breadcrumbs in milk
3. blend in ground meat with all other ingredients
4. shape small meatballs with two spoons or using hands
5. brown butter in a frying pan
6. place meatballs in pan and let them brown on all sides
7. shake frying pan often
Hallå (hello)
Välkommen (welcome)
Adjö (goodbye)
The official language of Sweden is Swedish.
The vast majority of Swedens also speak English.
In Sweden and Finland there are approximately 9.2 Million Native Swedish speakers.
Aside from Sweden, Swedish is also the official language in Finland.
Some influences on the Swedish language come primarily from Latin, German, and danish.

In places like Ikea and H&M you can see Swedish words in the tags.
Sweden is a Christian country and this fact reflects the design of their flag.
The Swedes adopted Christianity one thousand years ago when the King of Sweden was baptized as a Christian..
Represents a cross
As you can tell the colors of Ikea are like the two of the swedish flag.
Ikea was founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943. The name of the brand is actually short for Ingvar Kamprad's initials and the first letters of Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd, which is the farm and village where he grew up in Sweden.
Creator of H&M is Erling Persson
He got the idea following a post-WWII trip to the United States as he was very impressed by efficient, high-volume stores.
The H stands for Hennes= Her, he buys Mauritz Widforss, a hunting and fishing equipment store. H&M now.
Spring time
Myth that witches flew over their mountains
National Day
Occurs June 6 because on 6 June 1523, Gustav Vasa was elected king, and on the same date in 1809, the country adopted a new constitution.
It's celebrated at open air museum with their royal hignesses.
Swedish Meatballs
Stockholm, Sweden
Capital of Sweden
Sweden consist of an parliamentary democracy.
The Riksdag makes the decisions and the Government implements them.
The Prime Minister which is Stefan Löfven is the head of government.
The Riksdag is mainly the decision making body of sweden.
Swedes are really passionate about their coffee. They find it as an opportunity to bond.
Although Swedes have their own language most of them talk english,
Most stores close early, especially at weekends so always make sure to shop early
IKEA offers free transportation from local locations to the store and back .
Most grocery stores charge you for plastic bags to keep waste low so save your plastic bags !
Drinking from tap water is normal because of the clean and fresh water they provide
ABBA: Dancing Queen
The family in Sweden is extremely important and as such, the rights of children are well protected.

The rights afforded to Swedish families to ensure that they are able to adequately care for their children are some of the best rights in the world
Either the mother or father is entitled to
be absent from work until their child reaches 18 months old.
You have the right to up to 60 days off per year to care for a sick child.
Anyone traveling to Sweden will notice the family friendly environment of most restaurants and other such establishments. Even trains have a toy and play area!
Fun Facts
In Sweden you cant name your child "IKEA" or "Elvis".
McDonald's opened the first ski-thru fast food restarant in Lindvallen, Sweden - You
just ski up to the counter, order your food and ski off
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