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8th Grade Project

Aaron's 8th Project. 1990-1999

Aaron Nasser

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of 8th Grade Project

1990-1999 1990 Nelson Mandela freed from prison on February 11 1990.
Nelson Mandela was born in 1918.
Arrested in 1962 for plotting against South Africa government , he served 27 years in prison.
Served as president in South Africa 1994-1999.
Diagnosed with tuberculosis after being in jail for so long.
1991 Duke beat Kansas 72-65.
After an astonishing semi final victory over undefeated UNLV 79-77.
Duke went on after this year to win it next year and the year after this.
Dukes regular season this year is 25-6 with a 16-0 home game record. 1992 The inventor of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-lee.
WWW is the abbreviation for World Wide Web.
The WWW has always been slow and has had speed issues, some people started calling it the “ World Wide Wait”.
In !992 the WWW was open to certain people, then in 1993 was its true launch year when it was open to everyone.
1993 The great flood of 1993.
15billion dollars in damage.
It covered 745 miles of land.
The flood rose 400ft above sea level
Rain throughout the autumn of 1992 supposedly caused the flood.
Compared to floods in the following years the 1993 flood was the worse: 1951, 1844.

US troops seize Haitian weapons on January 27th 1992. More than 100 Americans enter the Haitian based and walked out with at least 20 Haitian weapons. They found automatic weapons, pistols, rifles, and ammunition, but most of them were not workable. 1995 The Oklahoma federal building bombing.
The bombing resulted in 168 deaths and 690+ injured.
The bombers name was Timothy McViegh
The attack type is classified as Truck bomb Terrorism and mass murder.
McVieghs trail began in April 24 1997 and ended in June 2 1997. 1996 1994 terrorist bomb explodes in park during winter Olympics. The bomb killed 1 person and injured and more than 100 people were injured when a pipe bomb exploded. The bomber name was Eric Rudolph. 1997 NASA's pathfinder lands on mars on July 4th 1997.
One of the missions objective was to prove that there was a cheaper, faster, and easier way to send a shuttle to a distance.
The rover, The Sojourners, Was the main reason the pathfinder was made so it could take the rover up to mars. 1998 The World trade center bomber of 1993 is sentenced to life in January 8 1998.
In the bombing he killed 6 people an injured over 1000 people.
The bombers name is Ramzi Ahmed Yousef.
Yousef claimed that he was a terroist and he was proud.
There was 2 million $ reward for the capture of Yousef. 1999 The creator of spongebob is Stephen Hillenburg.
Spongebob has had 7 seasons and over 290 mini episodes and more.
Each season has 20-26 epsidoes.
The first episode of spongebob consited of 3 mini epsiodes: “Help Wanted” “Reef Blower” “Tea at the Treedome”.
Season 8 will consit of episodes 153-178 which will become the longest exciting cartoon of nickeloden passing rugrats at episode 172.
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