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French Agriculture

No description

Travis Phillippi

on 25 February 2011

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Transcript of French Agriculture

Culture French Agriculture By: Travis Phillippi Culture
Agriculture Language - French
Money - Euro
Religion - principle of Liacite
Social Structure
Minister of Culture Culture Continued Customs & Traditions Depending on the land.
Enjoyment of food.
Continental Cutlery.
"Fashion Capital of the World." Economy Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing.
Dominant agricultural center.
About 3/5ths total land used for
Self-sufficient in basic food
production. Economy Continued Only about 4% of labor force.
About 3% of GDP.
Accounts for 22% of Europe's
agricultural output. Agriculture Principle agricultural products Sugar beet
Beef & Veal
Oilseeds Agriculture Continued Farms - 730,000.
Farmers/workers - 910,000.
Utilized agricultural area - 30,139,000
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