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Blackboard 101-Contents_NonC

No description

Eric Wilson

on 5 August 2015

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Transcript of Blackboard 101-Contents_NonC

Blackboard 101
Examine a variety of set ups
Identify Item vs File
Evaluate attachments vs web pages
Explore Content Editor
Set Up
Menu and Folder Style
Categories, Tasks, units, Oh My!
Remember it all starts with your lesson plans and the menu
Item and File
Item allows for fleixiblity, including attaching documents
File is only for attaching files with little to no
Recommend use PDF Files
More ADA compliance
More universal across plattform
Ideal for form completion
Too many download causes disengagement and drop outs
Web Page
Easy to use Content Editor
Simple as any word processor and more
Very difficult to modify
Easy to read on computer and in Blackboard Mobile
Copy and paste from Word works - still needs come clean-up
Publisher Contents
Many publishers have "cartridge" or pre-designed contents including
Power Points
Web pages
Test banks
Thank You!
You are awesome!
For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Eric Wilson at ewilson@occ.cccd.edu

Have a GREAT Day!
Other Things You Can Do With Blackboard
Collect and Grade Assignments Online
Periodically monitor retention
Post and release grades online
Manage collaborative learning
Design and administer quizzes, exams and surveys online
Design and use online rubrics
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