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emma video game

No description

Julianne Boyle

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of emma video game

EMMA, the video game Play from the perspective of three different characters Level1. Emma
Mr. Knightley play as emma through this level.
try and discover clues that lead to
shocking realization. goal: find all the clues before the
time runs out Level 2. play as harriet through this level.
go through this level and try and find the best match for harriet. if you match her with the wrong man points will be deducted. Level 3. play as knightley through his level. goal: match harriet
with the right person find out as much as you can about emma by collecting clues before the time runs out to make emma your bride. goal: make emma your bride. Rated best thinking game in 2010!!! "Two Thumbs Up"
Gameinformer Magazine Activision
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