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Working with children with different needs.

The job i would like to do when i grow up

Savannah Koria

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Working with children with different needs.

Working with children with special needs. Since of the age of 7/8 I have loved the idea of looking after children in general, but about 2 years ago I met a young boy with autism and I realised everyone was misjudging him because of his autism when inside he was a lovely little boy.
After having first hand experience
I realised the children didn't lie being
shouted at or be treated like
a baby, they understood what you
told them, you just needed to simplify it.
You had to be calm and talk normally
to them like you were having a nice chat
with your mates.
People misjudge any
person with special
needs as they think
they'll be "not
normal." When I met him I was in Yr 6 in Primary School and he was in Yr 3. As he was being bullied because of his autism I stood up for him and tended to help him out with his work at break if he was confused about it. After meeting him I realised I had made a big
impression on him and he had the same affect
n me. I then realised I wanted to work with
hildren with needs.
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