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SIU Information Technology

No description


on 30 May 2017

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Transcript of SIU Information Technology

SIU Online is also known as D2L.

SIU Online is the interface for the online portion of our classes. You can access all of your classes through SIU Online and will use the website to submit assignments and see grades.

Instructors will use SIU Online for....
Posting assignments and other course materials.
Posting quizzes and exams for you to take online.
Posting grades
Discussion boards

Brief Overview:
SIU Online (D2L)
Laptop Voucher
Campus-Wide Printing Services
Morris Library Website
Office 365
SalukiTech Hours
SIU Online
“Must-Do” List:
This list contains tasks SIU needs you to complete ASAP. Important trainings and notices will appear here to notify you to do them. This list is located on the main page of SalukiNet after clicking on the thumbnail.

For Example:
Immunization Records
Required Training
Federal and State Mandated tests

SalukiTech Computer Store

Located on the north side of the student center near the bowling ally. This store can be thought of as a mini "Best Buy." Get items such as Ethernet cords, headphones, mice, gaming systems, laptops, computers, etc!

Our technology support help desk
Assists with...
Full Computer Diagnostic Testing
Data Transfers and Recovery
Help connecting to eduroam and SIU-Limited
Email and Password Assistance
Premium Services:
Operating System Installations ($30)
Hardware Installations ($30-50)
Installing Anti-virus software
Advanced Diagnostics ($30)
More testing that requires a trained professional
Access directly at: salukitech.siu.edu

Walk-In Center Located in Morris Library, 1st Floor:
Monday – Thursday: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

SalukiTech Computer Store Located in Student Center, 1st Floor:
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

SalukiTech Phone Support via (618)-453-5155:
Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

SalukiTech Chat via the SalukiTech Website:
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

SalukiTech Email via salukitech@siu.edu:
Please allow a 24-72 hour wait for a response

*These hours will vary during campus holidays and administrative closures
Access directly at:
Access directly at:
Campus-Wide Printing Services (CWPS)
Print from anywhere then pick it up from over 20 locations.

To use it, just download the CWPS software on your device and send the printing job to the printer.

If you would rather, you can use a computer at any lab at SIU and print from there.

To print the pages, just go to a printer and swipe your card. The job will be displayed and you tap it to print.

Once you select print on your files, you only have 2 hours to print your file before they take it off the system.

Morris Library Website
With the library website, a feature called Onesearch can be utilized. This feature will allow you to request books, journals, articles, etc. from our library or any connecting university libraries.

Along with Onesearch, there is a feature called OpenSIUC. This feature allows free access to any of the research material produced at our campus.

If you ever need a computer to work on and you do not own one, the library is equipped with multiple computer labs for use.

Library Website: lib.siu.edu
SIU Email & Office365
SIU uses Office365 for all student email accounts.

Office365 is actually a suite of applications including:
Outlook Web App (our student emails)
stores all your important files, pictures, music, and videos that can be accessed from any computer.
Online versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

It is
extremely important
that you check your SIU email account daily!

Access directly at:
SIU Technology Information
SalukiNet is the student portal to the "business life" of SIU.

You can access...

Thank you for your time!

Have a great day!

Good luck and Welcome to SIU!

GO Salukis!
What is MySIU?
Features of guidebook:
Provides an agenda to see up to date list of events for Saluki Startup, Weeks of Welcome, and Saluki Family Weekend
Receive notifications on upcoming events
Use the interactive map to find locations of all events
Download today on the App store! Just search MySIU!
SIU Online(D2L)
Outlook (our email service)
SIU "Must Do" List
Proxy Management
Math Placement Tests
Student Records
SIU Transcript
All Things Financial
Bursar's Office
Debit Dawg
Billing Statements
Proxy Management:
You will find this button on the main page as well.

Proxy Management allows you to grant partial or full access to your Salukinet account to a person of your choice.

How to Log into Salukinet:
1) Go to salukinet.siu.edu
2) Log in with your Dawgtag or Email and Password
Debit Dawg
To download the CWPS software:
Go to oit.siu.edu/salukitech/cwps/instructions/

You can apply money to your Debit Dawg online through Salukinet or through on of the machines around campus.
A full list of locations can be found at:

NSP Phone Number: 618-453-1000
NSP Email: orientation@siu.edu
IT Help Desk: 618-453-5155
Note: If you are using an SIU computer and login with your DawgTag, you will be automatically logged into SalukiNet.
Email Forwarding
1.) Click on the settings gear in the upper right hand corner
2.) Search "Forwarding"
and click on the forwarding
This should appear
3.) Click "Start Forwarding", enter you email, and hit save
Featured Tabs:
Will contain the most useful apps depending on the time of the year
First, click on "Proxy Management"
Then click on "Add a Proxy"
Fill in the required information
and click "Add Proxy"
Fill in more information
Set Authorizations
This lists all the tabs that you can access
Clicking on content will bring you to all of the things your instructor has provided and put online
The drop-down menus contain various information
Contains various resources for your class
This tab contains various ways for communicating between teacher and student
Assessments will contains the most important thing, your grades
Contains various help related information
Most Popular:
Will contain the most popular apps to the student body
SalukiTech Walk-in Center
The front desk is located at Morris Library on the First Floor

They can assist you right then with tech service
How To edit what you see
To edit what you see under the Favorites tab on salukinet, press on the heart at the bottom left hand of each tab.

This will favorite the item for later. Every time you log on, the favorite items will show up first.
Prices For Printing on campus
Black & white printing is 10 cents per page (duplex is 15 cents)

Color printing is 25 cents per page (duplex is 40 cents)

By default printing something from a school computer will be in black & white. You must specifically select color to print in color.

If you need to print a mix of black & white and color, send the black & white pages that do not need color as one printing job, and send the pages that do need color as a separate job.

The reason for this is that the printer you select will think it is trying to print all of them color if you were to just send one job. This will cost you more money.

Printing 2-sided (duplex) will also save you money.
Internet on campus
Internet on campus is divided into 2 major branches

eduroam is for connecting any laptop, phone, or desktop to the internet, you will use your dawg tag number @siu.edu as your username and your password you normally would put in for salukinet as the password to log in.

SIU-Limited is for connecting any gaming device, smart TV, or any other thing that can connect to the internet.
Office Software
To access the features found in siu webmail, all you need to do is click the grid looking box in the upper left corner when logged in.
As a student here, you are able to access all these programs for free without download on Office 365.
Morris Library Onesearch
OneSearch is a scholarly search engine that allows you to check for any book, journal, or paper in Morris Library and online
Lets say we search the term: "Dogs"
This is what comes up:
This is what comes up:
This is a bit better, but there are still a lot.
Remember when searching, be as specific as possible!
This is far too many results for us to go through.
Lets narrow the results using the top by adding AND cats, selecting Academic Journals to the left that have the full text online, and only seeing publications from 2015 and newer.
Click on an event you want
Add at the bottom of the screen
Pick when you want to be notified of the event
Be sure to complete everything on the checklist!
Up next: MySIU
Up next: Campus Printing
Up next: Morris Library
Up Next: Office 365
Debit Dawg
This card is your student ID!!
Your ID can be used for:
Meal Card
Mass Transit
Access to university events
Access to university Facilities
You can think of Debit Dawg like a debit card.
To use it, just swipe it at the machine you intend to use.
You cannot remove money from Debit Dawg.
Once it is on there, you can only use it at places that accept Debit Dawg.
A list of locations that accept debit dawg can be found at:

The library also offers an I-Share service
This allows you to rent books from across the state
First go to: http://www.lib.siu.edu/accounts and click on "
Use this login"
Then create your library account.
Once you log in, you can search similar to OneSearch.
To check out a book, find the one you want and click it.
Click on the button that says: "Request this item"
Fill out the required information and the library will request the book for you. You can pick this book up at the first floor of Morris Library.
SalukiTech Computer Store Voucher
You may qualify for a $100 rebate on eligible technology in the Salukitech Computer Store.

Once this rebate is claimed, it will be put onto your Debit Dawg sometime after the first 10 days of classes.

Cyber Security
Never give out your personal information!

Never click on suspicious links!

If you do click on a malicious link, please inform salukitech.

If you get an email that you suspect is a scam, delete it or send it to scam@siu.edu and they will deal with it.
Beware of scam emails
Scam emails are dangerous and can easily be distinguished by the way an email is written.
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