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SIU Information Technology

No description


on 16 February 2018

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Transcript of SIU Information Technology

MyCourses is also known as D2L.

MyCourses is the interface for the online portion of our classes. You can access all of your classes through MyCourses and will use the website to submit assignments and see grades.

Instructors will use MyCourses for....
Posting assignments and other course materials.
Posting quizzes and exams for you to take online.
Posting grades
Discussion boards

Brief Overview:
“Must-Do” List:
This list contains tasks SIU needs you to complete ASAP. Important trainings and notices will appear here to notify you to do them. This list is located on the main page of SalukiNet after clicking on the thumbnail.

For Example:
Immunization Records
Required Training
Federal and State Mandated tests

Access directly at:
Access directly at: MyCourses
SIU Email & Office365
SIU uses Office365 for all student email accounts.

Office365 is actually a suite of applications including:
Outlook Web App (our student emails)
stores all your important files, pictures, music, and videos that can be accessed from any computer.
Online versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

It is
extremely important
that you check your SIU email account daily!

Access directly at:
SIU Technology Information
SalukiNet is the student portal to the "business life" of SIU.

You can access...

Thank you for your time!

Have a great day!

Good luck and Welcome to SIU!

GO Salukis!
What is MySIU?
Provides an agenda to see up to date list of events for Saluki Startup, Weeks of Welcome, and Saluki Family Weekend
Receive notifications on upcoming events
Use the interactive map to find locations of all events
Download today on the App store! Just search MySIU!
Outlook (our email service)
SIU "Must Do" List
Proxy Management
Math Placement Tests
Student Records
SIU Transcript
All Things Financial
Bursar's Office
Billing Statements
Proxy Management:
You will find this button on the main page as well.

Proxy Management allows you to grant partial or full access to your SalukiNet account to a person of your choice.

How to Log into Salukinet:
1) Go to salukinet.siu.edu
2) Log in with your Dawgtag or Email and Password
NSP Phone Number: 618-453-1000
NSP Email: orientation@siu.edu
IT Help Desk: 618-453-5155
Note: If you are using an SIU computer and login with your DawgTag, you will be automatically logged into SalukiNet.
Featured Tabs:
Will contain the most useful apps depending on the time of the year
First, click on "Proxy Management"
Then click on "Add a Proxy"
Fill in the required information
and click "Add Proxy"
Fill in more information
Set Authorizations
Most Popular:
Will contain the most popular apps to the student body
How To edit what you see
To edit what you see under the Favorites tab on salukinet, press on the heart at the bottom left hand of each tab.
This will favorite the item for later. Every time you log on, the favorite items will show up first.
Office Software
To access the features found in siu webmail, all you need to do is click the grid box in the upper left corner when logged in.
As a student here, you are able to access all these programs for free.
Cyber Security
DO NOT give out your personal information.

Never click on suspicious links or hyperlinks.

If you do click on a malicious link, please inform salukiTech.

If you get an email that you suspect is a scam, delete it or send it to scam@siu.edu.
Online Resources you should know about:

Technology Resources available to you on campus:
Access to free Office 365

Phishing emails

Other resources
Useful contacts
Examples of Phishing Emails
Scam emails are dangerous and can easily be distinguished by the way an email is written.
Be wary of them.

For more information about scam emails visit http://oit.siu.edu/infosecurity/news-and-scams/
As soon as you open MySIU, create an account.
Download the guides!
This is what the home page will look like.
This is the homepage of MyCourses.
Other Resources.
Be sure to check out the IT website!
Other Resources Cont..
Morris library website.
SalukiTech Technology
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