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Ulzzang Fashion

No description

Krizsha Perocho

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Ulzzang Fashion


The term
'Best face'
'Baby face'
It is mainly used in Asia
(specifically Korean)

is used to describe people
who appear to have:
Big eyes
Clear white skin
Doll face
Ulzzang People usually become models or people who are involved with photography and fashion.
Some become internet sensations or icons like bloggers
Exaggerated eyes
Strawberry thin lips
Flawless Skin
They like to color their hair.
Mainly the shade of red and brown
Some Features:
Bright colored Patterns
Pastel colors
Ulzzang Fashion mainly
consists of light colored
clothes for the girls.
They like to
clash colors
together like
black and white
They usually put plain pieces with clothing with
one with a strong pattern. Just like this outfit!
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