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The Subcultures of Metal

Discussing metal: misconceptions, beliefs and the culture within.

Ashley Smith

on 6 December 2010

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Transcript of The Subcultures of Metal

Double click anywhere & add an idea & Its Subculture The types of metal Gestures & Self-representation Male and Female Roles In Metal Religion The Metalheads View of Boy, Emo Bands and some bands generally thought of to be metal. Views On The Government The Alpha Concert Life Sub Genre VS Sub Genre Joke Cartoon Metal Archives Getting Started Credits trickledown.wordpress.com Wikipedia.com Miguel Rozo from the Blaze radio station. The typical metalhead outside of concert life doesn't dress a specific way other than band t-shirts and jeans. While in concert metalheads adorn themselves with spikes, raggedy clothes and still t-shirts and jeans (depending on the type of metal at any given concert.) It is not unordinary to see swords, war paint, smoke, super long hair at concerts.
Female dress in folk, symphonic, glam (in that case male also), and lighter genres of metal regularly wear corsets with skirts or jeans and also heavy but "pretty" make up.
There is Moshing, head banging, blast beats, jumping, growling, walls of death, devil horns \m/, double devil horns \mm/, windmilling and even double windmills at these concerts. For both genders: young adults use metal as a way to collaborate in defiance to societies rules. It is the less extreme riot in some ways. To understand this, try looking at the cultural upbringing of the band Sepultura.
Men are more dominant and abundant in metal but the women who are there, are generally very powerful and strong. Devil horns aren't always a salute to the devil; it's more like a non vocal way of proclaiming pure enjoyment. A lot of other gestures have similar similar meanings. Metal is all about being the alpha, so when this assertive nature isn't displayed then it's usually looked down on, a lot. Some bands aren't accepted as metal by more extreme metal heads, these are examples of such a debate: Rammstein, Slip Knot, Linkin Park and Evanescence, these are primarily NU Metal. Misconceptions Summary There isn't directly an alpha in metal because so many people in metal are already the alpha in their own mind setting. If there was to be one, it would definitely be a musician. A widely known misconception is that "Metalheads are all satanic," For the most part metal heads are anti religion, anti to current society. A lot of the expressed hatred towards Christianity doesn't stem from satanic roots but shows a hatred of organized religion. Christianity is an easy target because of the many flaws it demonstrates in its methods and people... The song title "Religion for profit" and "Christians to the lions" both from Behemoth are good examples. If you like one band in the "getting started" list then you may want to try typing in their name on Metal Archives which will show you bands like them, give detailed information about the band and also about the musicians and their previous bands. Www.Metal-archives.com Sam Dunn Metalocalypse: Dethklok talks about women. Metalocalypse: Is that metal? Bands to start with:
Symphonic: Epica, Nightwish and Within Temptation. Power: Kamelot, Stormwarrior
Heavy Metal: Iron Maiden
Pirate Folk Metal: Alestorm, Finntroll
Death Metal: Behemoth
Blackened Death Metal: Belphegor, Dimmu Borgir Major concerts and festivals like Wacken in Germany, are very social, high energy and intense. People come from different countries to see their favorite bands play live. Probably just as much alcohol sells as the number of tickets. People take pent up office aggression and release it in the growing masses that mosh. Acquaintances become friends and good times are had. Some fans of some sub genres of metal don't honor others as still being in the same genre. For instance Folk metal is distained by many fans of Thrash metal. Sometimes people get into a specific temperament with their music and find it easier to judge the other sub genres for being different. Like the general opinion that symphonic metal is "chick metal." Metal Religion is very often criticized in metal for its hypocrisy and the idea that faith has to be portrayed in massive numbers in order to get to heaven. Metalheads sing about anti Christianity and religion because of this not because they're satanic. Valklarie’s and other forces to take the dead heroes of our time to the afterlife is also sang about occasionally but more for a mystical theme and not an actual idea to base a belief off of like some cultures have in the past. Metalheads can still question where they're going when they die but often they choose to live for now and appreciate the good music they have before them. The government has a big role in the young metalheads life. The music is all about getting rid of organized and bias beliefs which includes a bias government. Not all metal is for chaos but it would probably perfer it over a society that reins untrue to its citizens. "The Brazilian military government was the authoritarian regime which ruled Brazil from March 31, 1964 to March 15, 1985" When this tight clutch was released, metal started springing out all over the country, igniting the wild fire of metal and creating bands like Sepultura. A subculture at metal is misunderstood by most is Christianity, primarily because of the entire bible burning, tearing, and anti Christianity song lyrics which are used as a tool to say "down with organized religion" and not actually because metalheads are satanic Christian haters. Though most metalheads do use metal as a tool to show distain for organized religion as well as judging bad music. A general attitude in metal is that organized religion is bias and should be removed, also that being strong and powerful is a key to success, also that most media based music sucks. I haven't been into metal for long, only a few years but I've definitely become attached to the culture, learning terms and antics which would be thought of as strange to the general public. Using the "devil horns" as a gesture of approval, Calling something thought of as completely epic and awesome, metal and also windmilling for the appreciation of this amazing music.
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