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Student Engagement CLAD presentation

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laura Kimberley

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Student Engagement CLAD presentation

Student Engagement by Laura Kimberley Improving Student Engagement What is student engagement? "The time and effort students devote to activities that are empirically linked to desired outcomes of college AND what institutions do to induce students to participate in these activities" (Kuh, 2001, 2003, 2009) Student & Institution The Student The Teacher Teacher Attitude Teacher 2 Teacher 1 Creating a Safe Environment * * * * Student Feedback Unsafe Safe Student Feedback Enthusiastic Approachable 98% of students agreed or strongly agreed that I was enthusiastic What I did: Student Ratings: * Smiled & laughed
* Lively/energetic * Used "yes" a lot
* Made (bad) jokes What I did: Student Ratings: All students (100%) agreed or strongly agreed that I was approachable * Open body language
* Encouraged contact
* Safe environment * Positive and constructive responses What I did: * Praised all contributions *Encouraged participation * Actively squashed worries of asking a stupid question or giving a stupid answer Student Feedback: 100% agreed or strongly agreed that:

I listened when they asked questions
I gave helpful feedback during class or via email * * * * * * Social Loafing The "decrease in individual effort when performing in groups as compared to when they perform alone" (Latane, Williams, & Harkins, 1979, p. 822). What I did What influences social loafing? vs. * Reduced anonymity by treating students like individuals * Increased accountability by checking assigned work had been completed and emphasising the consequences for free riders What is social loafing? Student Motivation Intrinsic Extrinsic Doing something because it is inherently interesting or enjoyable Doing something because it leads to a separate outcome (e.g., a degree) What did I do? Set topic BUT made project as interesting as possible by: * Teacher characteristics * Making topic relevant How does physical arousal effect attractiveness? Student Feedback Interesting topic? I came up with my own ideas * Emphasising choices students could make 98% agreed or strongly agreed 49% agreed
51% strongly * Provided opportunity to ask questions after class or via email Attendance * * * * * * * * Thoughts on other things that influence student engagement? * *
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