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O Rock of Ages!

No description

Ranelle Cole

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of O Rock of Ages!

1. Sometimes I feel discouraged, and think my life in vain.

I'm tempted then to murmur, and of my lot complain;

But when I think of Jesus, and all He's done for me,

Then I cry, O Rock of Ages, hide Thou me. 2. Sometimes
it seems I dare not
go one step farther on,

And from my heart all courage
has disappeared and gone;

But, I remember Jesus,
and all His love for me,

Then, I cry,

O Rock of Ages, hid Thou me. 3. O what a friend is Jesus,

sure Anchor for my soul,

So tender, true and gracious,

I'm safe in His control;

My help in time of danger,

my strong defense is He;

O Thou blessed Rock of Ages,

hide Thou me. No other refuge,

have I but Thee.

When life's dark vale

I wander, far, far from Thee;

Then, I cry,
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