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The Arts

No description

jane mallen

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of The Arts

The Percentage of The Arts we got to Teach
The Arts - Curriculum Studies
We all came to the conclusion that getting the opportunity to teach The Arts in our first School Experience was beneficial, as it gave us the confidence to teach it in the future. Most importantly, all the children enjoyed learning about The Arts.
" Be prepared to experiment with the unfamiliar and learn from their experiences."

It was difficult to manage a very excited class.
With art being so individual, we faced problems with early finishers, distracting the rest of the class.
Some didn't have confidence in themselves as artists
Getting the children to use their imagination rather than copying other pupils work was a struggle.
Getting the class to focus on the task.
Being able to create worthwhile sensory experiences for the children.
Not all of us had the opportunity to teach all three subjects.

Lessons that were well thought out
and planned in advance were the key to
The children loved using a variety of different resources and medias, natural and artificial.
When children used their imagination they created unique pieces of work.
They loved first hand sensory
experience as it enhanced the
Creating Mothers Day Cupcakes

This lesson involved a lot of preparation and clean up time but the children learned valuable life skills in the process.
We all felt that we had added pressure, especially in art to produce a festive activity for example Easter, St Patrick's day, mothers day and Valentines Day.
It was easy to integrate the Arts into other areas in the curriculum.
We realised that it was important to keep close guidance on some of the activities but also to know when to let the children work on and problem solve themselves.
We believe that it is important to use natural materials to create art pieces, as well as using the typical media you might have in your classroom.

Seeing the children develop skills and capabilities.
The children learned important life lessons such as fire safety.
Seeing the children enjoy lessons and take part.
The classes leading up to school experience were very beneficial the use of 'ABC' for a warm up was used in all lessons and the classes worked well.

Teaching the children the song Rattlin' Bog was a success as they were engaged and excited during the lesson.
We were able to incorporate music into other subjects,enabling lots of opportunities for curricular learning.
It helped the children become more confident in themselves and not be subjected to embarrassment.
Give the children the experience to use different instruments.

Some of us didn't have the opportunity to teach P.E
Getting the whole class to listen and stay on task
Keeping noise levels down
Making the lessons enjoyable for everyone.
Having EAL students in the class caused communication problems.
It was difficult to include pupils with Down's Syndrome in loud activities.
Professional Competence 6
Classroom management was often a problem.
Managing the noise of instruments.
It was new to us and we were nervous teaching the subject to due to lack of confidence .
Time management of lessons.
GTCNI pg 9
The importance of displaying the work of children around the classroom
" Teachers will have developed a knowledge and understanding of the factors that promote and hinder effective learning, and be aware of the needs to provide for the holistic development of the child."
Professional Competence 20
Teachers will use a range of and resources that enable learning to take place.
Professional Competence 8
" Teachers will have developed a knowledge and understanding of the need to take account of the significant features of pupils, cultures, languages and faith and to address the implications for learning arising from these.
Professional Competence 3
" Teachers will have developed a knowledge and understanding of the area/subject they teach..."
Professional Competence 19
"Teachers will create and maintain a safe, interactive and challenging learning environment with appropriate clarity of purpose for activities."
Professional Competence 24
" Teachers will focus on assessment for learning by monitoring pupils progress, giving constructive feedback, to help pupils reflect on and improve their learning."
Professional Competence 18
"Teachers will manage their time and work load, effectively and efficiently and and maintain a work/life balance."
Using Gallery Sessions during and after completion of art work was a great opportunity to allow the children to reflect on their work and the work of others.
Professional Competence 23
"Teachers will contribute to the life and development of the school, collaborating with teaching and support staff. "
Thank you for your attention.
We all had an amazing time on Teaching Practice and have all grown as professionals and learned so much from the experience.
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