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The Difference Between Delinquent behavior and unruly beha

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zion mcgee

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of The Difference Between Delinquent behavior and unruly beha

The Difference between delinquent behavior and unruly behavior.
The difference of Delinquent behavior and Unruly Behavior
The Difference Between Delinquent behavior and unruly behavior and Consequences that come with them.

The difference is that delinquent behavior/ act is being guilty of minor charges in criminal offense. The consequences of delinquent behavior is they can get jail time. Unruly behavior is being disobedient or disorderly towards authority of law. Consequences are that you'll get arrested.
Rights when child is taking in custody
(1) That he has the right to remain silent; and

(2) That any statement he does make to anyone can be and may be used against him; and

(3) That he has a right to have a parent, guardian present during questioning; and

(4) That he has a right to consult with an attorney and that one will be appointed and paid for him if he cannot afford one.
Unruly child- Being guilty of a crime that wouldn't be considered a crime if you were an adult.

Deprived child- doesn't receive basic care that he/she needs from parents or guardian.

Juvenile Delinquent- A child that commits a crime that would be a crime if he/she was an adult.

7 types of crimes

criminal negligence
false imprisonment
Robbery/Armed robbery
Sexual assault

Definitions of different offense levels
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