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Sabrina Graves

on 29 March 2010

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Transcript of Flutes

The Types of Flutes! Chinese Flute
There are many, many Chinise flutes
Im going to talk about one :{
The Dizi- Is usaly made of Bamboo and has a buzzing membrane
Irish Flute
The Irish flute is not really from Ireland
It was invented by a Flautist Charles Nicholeson
It has open tone holes like a recorder
Indian Bamboo Flute

The indain Bammbo flute is an important
part in indain classical music.
they are made of bamboo and dont have any keys.
It has seven holes (were the keys are soposed to be) and its 32 inches long.
Bass Flute
It is piched in C
its one octave lower than the concert flute
It is about 146 cm long
Its J shaped

Alto Flute
Its piched in the key of G
Its a 4th lower than whats written
It was in the music for the lord of the rings
Concert flute:)
It is what most pepole playy in band if they play the flute
I t is also now as the C flute
It is common
I play this flute

The piccolo is Italian for small
It is an octave higher than than writen
It was made in the key of Db
It is the highest piched instrument in a band
It is 12.5 inches long Duct flutes
it has the haed of a recorder
they have a long history
in the Iron age it was made of sheep bone
The first one was made in the 14tyh centrey
its also called a recorder


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