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Library Orientation 2013

No description

Angela Greenlee

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Library Orientation 2013

Fourth & Fifth
Library Orientation
Book Challenges
and Contests
Basic Library

Other Places in the library...
Nonfiction November

Bedlam Reading Challenge

Biography Bash:
Empty the Shelves Challenge
3rd Grade
Caldecott Medal Winners
Reading Challenge
Contests and library centers
How did the library look this summer?
I love to read and I love to talk to
everyone about the books they are reading...If you LOVE
a book I want to know :-)

Here is a short video about just a few of my favorite books!
Class Area

Computer Area

Reading Area
Library Centers
New Books

Sequoyah Book shelf
Circulation Desk

Check IN

Check OUT
How to CHECK OUT a Book!
How to CHECK IN a book!
Something to remember...
Every month you may get a new Book Bingo
Card. You can make as many Bingo's as you
want (even fill up the card).

If you need more cards come by the desk
to get one
Turn in the cards on the designated day.
Each month a name will be called to
win a prize.
Every month will have a
different theme and will
challenge you to read
different genres.
We will have these just like last year.
They will depend on the theme of the month.
Instructions will be on the announcements and posted
in the library.
These contests are not required.
They are for fun and I want them to encourage you to read different books and try new genres.
If you would like to participate in a contest, you may always
take an information sheet and turn it in later. Do not spend excessive library time on a contest if you have not asked your teacher for permission.
Read Across
Hodson Book Parade
Challenge Starts September 1st

If you want to participate come by the
library to get your special Caldecott Challenge
Book Bingo Card

Read at least 10 (and complete a Reader's response
paper for each-See Ms. Greenlee for details) by February 3rd

Those who complete the challenge will be invited to
a special celebration :-)

Starts NOW
(There are still a few
books we are waiting
on but there is enough
to start)
Please only check out one
Sequoyah book at a time so
that everyone has a chance.
The books are found on the Sequoyah
book shelf and have an orange dot on the
If you want to participate in the challenge come to
the library to get your Sequoyah Challenge Book Bingo

In order to vote you only have to read three of the
Sequoyah books (and fill out a reader's response paper on each)
by March 3rd.

However, in order to be invited to the special Sequoyah
Party (held in March) you must read at least 7 of the books and fill out a reader's response paper on each book by March 3rd.

See Ms. Greenlee for details & questions!
Good luck!

Now let's go find a BOOK TO READ!!!!
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