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Geological Time Scale Project

No description

Teika Clavell

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Geological Time Scale Project

Step One: Research your Geological Event
The name of your event
Characteristics about your event (a description)
Conditions on Earth's surface (1 picture)
Conditions of Earth's atmosphere (1 picture)
How many years ago it was (in scientific notation)
What kinds of fossils would be left from your event
Use Quality Sites
The notes, BrainPop, and about.com offer a plethora of information. DO NOT USE WIKI as a cited source.
Put it All Together
You will be limited on space. Make sure your pictures and information placement allows for enough room for everything.
Write it all down
Before you start your banner, make notes of your research findings. Make sure to label them. It will help in the creation process of your banner. Make a check list; it will keep you organized.
Here is an example banner for you to reference
Geological Time Scale Project
A description of expectations and requirements
Step Two: Essay Questions
Write three essay questions that can be answered by looking at my banner. The questions cannot be yes or no answerable.
Click the top part of this document to see a printable version of this checklist
All of pictures below will link you to the sites.
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