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1975 Tornado Omaha, Nebraska

The largest tornado ever experienced in Omaha happened on May 6, 1975. Amazingly, few people were killed!

Ron Phelps

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of 1975 Tornado Omaha, Nebraska

Tornado of 1975 2nd Most Costliest Storm in U.S. History Only 3 people died out the estimated 30,000 people in the path! The 1913 Easter Sunday tornado was deadlier...140 people died! Then at night it snowed! Started at about 132nd and Q Ended in Benson Park Finally it was quiet. We looked out and we could hardly believe what we saw. There was a car over us. The front tires were resting on top of the basement foundation and the back tires were on the floor of our basement… literally on top of us. My mom had been hit in the head by the car as it came down on us. She was laying there quiet and bloody. It was the loudest sound I had ever heard, but for some reason, it didn’t hurt my ears. For 30 seconds, I could not see my hand in front of my face; it was that dark as the tornado passed. Lots of noises like wood cracking and windows breaking were heard as we all crunched behind our couch and table in or rec-room. In a moment, it was over. Stories Tornado Path Schools Damaged Creighton Prep High School Lewis and Clark Middle School Westgate Elementary School My old school! Businesses Destroyed Post Office Ralston Bank Nebraska Furniture Mart Warehouse of NE Mart Ouch! School's Out! Debris pelted my body as I slammed and bounced off of things. At one point, as I was flying through the air, I saw I was heading toward a chain-linked fence. I just knew I was going to be cut up in to little diamonds. I ended up passing over it. I slammed against something and fell to the ground. I opened my eyes to find myself next to a house. As the tornado approached the loud cracking of the trees being broken, and then the roar that is indescribable…to me it sounded like a fleet of jet airplanes flying low over our roof tops. The cement blocks behind our back pushed us forwarded ever so slightly…Mary and I looked at each other totally stunned.

The pressure was awful. It felt like my ear drums touched in the middle of my head. I remember screaming at the kids to cover their ears. I know they couldn’t hear me but I had to say it. Downtowner Motel Drawing of Methodist Church Methodist Church National Guard Compound Westgate Neighborhood Methodist Church "I remember screaming..." "Finally it was quiet." "I was flying through the air..." "The pressure was awful." Blown away! Are you missing your roof? Omaha, Nebraska Does this look like tornado damage? This is the costliest storm in U.S. history!
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