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Biodiesel from Algae

Can algea be used as a clean biodiesel?

Tanner Federspill

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Biodiesel from Algae

Algae As A Biodeisel 6CO +6H O+ PHOTONS -> C H O +6O 2 2 6 12 6 2 Algae consumes carbon
dioxide which provides
green house gas benefits. Specific species of algea produce
bio-oils through photosynthesis from
sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. Amount of Fuel in one year of production.
Algae 2000 gallons of fuel per acre.
Palm 650 gallons/acre.
Sugar Cane 540 gallons/acre
Corn 250 gallons/acre Algae can be grown where
other plants or food could not. Can Algae be used as a
clean, productive biofuel Large quantities of Algae can be grown quickly.
The Algae can be used to manufacture gasoline,
jet fuel and diesel fuel.
1.) Find a chemical equation related to your topic?
- 6CO + 6H O+ Photons-> C H O +6O

2.) What are the products in your reaction?
- Carbon Dioxide, Water, Sunlight and Algae.

3.)What are the reactants in your reaction.
- Algae, Oxygen

4.) How many of each element are present in this reaction?
- 6 Carbon Dioxide, 6 Water, 6 Oxygen, Variable Algae, Sun

5.) Is there a catalyst in this reaction? Describe what
a catalyst does.
- Yes there is a catalyst, it is the sunlight creating the
photosynthesis allowing the algae to multiply.
2 2 6 12 6 2 10.) What impact did this research have on you?
- I used to think algae had no importance, now my minds in
shambles as it could effect me a great amount while driving.
Possibly saving alot of money and helping the inviroment.

11.) How does this information relate to the real world?
- The new algae research can open up jobs and useing it
as a biofuel can help the world cut back on oil. The
algae biofuel will help the green house and gas problems.
6.)Describe what is happeneing in words in your equation.
- The Carbon Dioxide, Water, and Algae are using sunlight for
photosynthesis yeilding even more Algae and Oxygen.

7.) Is the eguation balanced? How do you know?
- This equation cannot be balanced any further becuase the sun
and algae are variable amounts reacting at any given point.

8.) Why is it necessary to balance the equation?
- So that you can predict expected yeilds of the equation, whithout
them you wouldn't have alot of the information about the equation.

9.) Summarize what you have found?
- I have found that algae uses photosynthesis, sun, water, and
carbon dioxide to produce more algae, oxygen and a basic sugar.
I have also found that as of right now algae may be the cleanest
most productive biodeisel. In conclusion, algae by far the most
productive biofuel existing today, and
still helps the inviroment by using
carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Richard Bowles, September 27, 2005
http://www.chembuddy.com/?left=balancing-stoichiometry&right=balancing-reactions Exxon Mobile, March 17, 2010
http://exxonmobile.com Bibliography! Fin. Fin
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