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How to Find your Books for Class

A step by step guide to finding your course materials for your class at USI

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Transcript of How to Find your Books for Class

How to find your books for class
another Prezi Presentation by the CNHP Advising Center
In this presentation we will show you how to locate the required books for your courses at USI through the USI Bookstore
First things first; open your favorite internet browser and go to usibook.usi.edu

Using the menu at the top of the page, select "Text Books"

This is a drop down menu. Select "Order Textbooks" from the menu
NOTE: This does not require you to order your books online but gives you a list of required materials for each course you select.
Select the term you need books for and the department and course section for each class.
For Example:
To find required text books for English 101.002 in Spring 2014:
click the drop down arrow for department and then click ENG
click the drop down arrow for course and select 101.002
click add course
Select the specific course you are taking
Make sure to select the course with your section and your professor as different professors can require different textbooks and materials.

Then click "Continue to Get Course Materials."
The course materials your instructor has chosen for your course will be listed on the next screen. You will see two different options for the material and two different prices.
Materials will either be marked "Required" or "Optional" per the instructor of your course. Required materials are what you must have for the class. Optional materials are items the instructor would suggest that you have but not necessary.
Prices will either be listed "New" or "Used." A New book is directly from the publisher, where as a Used book has been used by a previous student in that course.
HINT: You can order your books online or in person through the USI bookstore. However, there are several options for you to get your books. You can rent them, download them, buy them from your favorite online retailer or bookseller and all it requires is a little searching online for the option that suits you the best.
You have successfully located your books for the upcoming semester!

As always, if you have any other questions,
please contact us in the Advising Center.
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