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Copy of Black Panther Party

General information on the Black Panther Party

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on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Black Panther Party

The Black Panther Party -group commonly known during the Civil Rights Era
-Revolutionary nationalist organization (1966-1970's)
-Co-founders Huey P Newton and Bobby Seale in Oakland California (1966)
-The Black Panther Party for Self Defense -reactions: "radical," "militant," "socialist"
-mainstream media's response to the Black Panthers
-Black Panthers, New Journalism, and the Rewriting of the Sixties, by Michael E. Staub
"New Journalism"- the characteristic genre of the sixties
incorporation of subjectivity into reportage- associated with counterculture -Classical and Contemporary
-Black Pride
-Self development, pride, solidarity, dignity, integrity work
-redemptive force Basic Reactions Black Nationalism "Although their enthusiastic appeal fell on deaf ears, they could not be ignored. They were saying, "Look baby, black is beautiful." They were proud of their skin, their color, their hair worn in natural style, their African heritage..." The ten-point platform and program of the party:

1) freedom or power to determine the destiny of the black community
2) full employment of black people
3) an end of robbery by white men of the black community
4) decent housing
5) education that exposes the true nature of the American society
6) the exemption of all black men from military service
7) an end of police brutality to black people and murders of black people by police officers
8) the freedom of all black men held in federal, state, county, and city prisons and jails
9) that black people have the privilege of being tried in courts by juries of their peers (people from their black communities) as defined by the Constitution of the US
10) the possession of land, bread, housing, education, justice, and peace Programs (General) -providing free breakfast for needy school children
-fighting against black men's involvement in wars
-free health clinics
-clothing and shoe programs
-buses to prison program Black Panther Health Activism White coats vs leather jackets and guns -Medical self defense
-Blacks historically underserved
-medical abuse
-Each had a clinic Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight against Medical Discrimination Alondra Nelson -Documents the multifaceted health activism of the black panther party
-Argues: The Panther's legacy can inspire and provide important strategic lessons for today's generation Angelica Bullock "Our ten-point plan was ignored and our plans for survival overlooked. The Black Panthers were identified with the gun."
-Huey Newton, "Revolutionary Suicide" The Black Panthers, Health
Health care is a right, not a privilege. We say that comprehensive medical care should not be sold as a commodity by class of exploiters, interested in profit only. We recognize this profit motive is the outgrowth of a capitalist system, which thrives on the exploitation of people and divides them on racist, sexist, and class lines. Our solution is to make all aspects of health care meet the demands of all people through prevention, education, and community control of health services. 1. Prevention (health checkups)
a. Nutrition (educating people with regard to eating the right diets)
b. Maternal and child care to put an end to:
1. Genocide
2. Experimentation in the hospitals of oppressed people
3. Experimentation in the public school system as so-called mental health program
4. Exploitation of children's behavior; children are given tranquilizers and put in a category as threats to the capitalist system
c. Senior citizens services (the right to be able to work as long as they can function)
d. Regular examinations for all people
e. Better detection facilities
f. Medical teams should be sent out diseases and illnesses 2. Education
a. Health education of the masses
(symptoms of diseases in the home, for first aid in the home)
b. Training and retaining of present health works
c. Ending professionalism (titles, etc.)
d. Open admissions to all who want medical training
3. Community Control
a. Right of self determination to have children (not to be told by the capitalist system how many to have)
b. Right to adequate economic means
c. Community boards should run all medical institutions 4. Mental Health
We consider mental health to include both physical and mental well-being. We recognize that much of the mental illness in our society is caused by the oppression of the capitalist system where psychiatry is used as a tool of fascism. It has also been used against homosexuals.
We are opposed to the medical industrial complex of medicine. We believe in socialized medicine. Inherent in this concept is prevention and free comprehensive, community controlled medicine. The only way to socialize medicine is through revolution. Jacqueline Mithun, "Black Power and Community Change: An Assessment"
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