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Aspen's 4th grade prezi

No description


on 24 May 2014

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Transcript of Aspen's 4th grade prezi

My favorite book club book is...
Charlotte's Web. I like it because it is very funny and exciting. My favorite character is probably Wilbur (Wilbur is a pig, he's also the main character.
This summer I'm going to...
Read, read,and then read again. Oh, and did I mention read? :)
Thank You For Watching
My Favorite part of Math class is...
What have I improved on?(in math)
I have improved on angles because I didn't know any thing about angles at the beginning of the year and now I'm really good at guessing angles and using a protractor.
What I'll work on this summer
Aspen's 4th grade prezi
What do I need to work on?
I need to work on decimals because I'm not that good with them. I also need to work on not getting different mathmatical terms confused ( I got a few points tooken off for getting the different terms confused).
My favorite Read aloud book is...
My favorite book club book is The One And Only Ivan. I like it because it is an interesting story with a happy ending.
I will try to get at least 60 percent on all fourth grade math skills. I will also work in workbooks and math sheets.
My favorite part of math class is the exit tickets and ixl.com. I like ixl because the skills are fun to do. I like the exit tickets because they are a good way to make sure you understood the lesson that was taught that day.
(in math)
for math
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