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King Thrushbeard

No description

Liana Rodriguez

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of King Thrushbeard

King Thrushbeard
The climax is when the princess realized that she was going to marry King Thrushbeard. I know this because the story was building up the suspense. Also proof from the text is "Don't cry; the hard days are over; now we shall have our wedding." This shocked the princess cause she knew that she had been mean to him.
For conflict, there are man vs. man, man vs. himself, man vs. society, and man vs. nature. The main conflict of this story is man vs. himself. I know this because "Alas, poor me, if i only known. If only I'd taken King Thrushbeard" From that proof, I can conclude that she is regreting somehing that she chose, which makes me believe the conflict is man vs. himself
The main characters are the princess and King Thrushbeard. The protagonist is King Thrushbeard and the antagonist is the princess. Some proof is
( this is for the princess) “ A king had a daughter who was unequaled for her beauty, but she was so proud and thought so much of herself that no suitor was good for her. She rejected one after another and to make matters worst poked fun at them.” Proof for the prince or protagonists “She found fault with every one of them, but she made the most fun of a kindly king who was standing at the head of the line, and whose chin was slightly crooked."
The theme of the story is that you shouldn’t judge people by the their ouside, or "Don't judge a book by it's cover." Some proof is, “She found fault with every one of them, but she made the most fun of a kindly king who was
Project By: Liana Rodriguez
Story Retlod By: The Brothers Grimm

In part of the story, the setting is a tiny shack. I know this because, the text states "At last they came to a tiny little house, and she said "Heavens, this shack is a disgrace! Who could own such a wretched place?' The minstrel answered, "It's my house and yours, where we shall live together." The setting affects the story because it lets the readers think she is becoming poor. Readers wiould be able to know that the princess is becoming poor because princesses only live in catles, but this one is living in a shack which is different from most.
The End!
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