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The Rave/Eagles Club

Some information about The Rave, the best concert venue in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Jake Albers

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of The Rave/Eagles Club

The Rave/Eagles Club The Rave/Eagles Club is a historic building that
hosts many concerts, with bands both large and small. It
can also be used for any large social gathering. Built in 1926, The Eagles Club has been the home of numerous social events. At one point or another, the club has had a boxing ring, a swimming pool, a high-end restaurant and a bowling alley along with it's charm. The Rave has been rumored to be haunted.
One reason was because the Rave was the last
venue musical artist Buddy Holly played before
he died in a plane crash. There are four components to the Rave... The Rave Vibe Room The Rave Bar The Eagles Hall The Rave Hall The Eagles Ballroom Many notable artists from numerous genres have performed here... Everything from Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Weezer, Tiesto... ...to Lamb Of God, Dropkick Murphy's and O.A.R. Jason Mraz recorded a live DVD at the Rave. For information about the Rave, visit:
http://therave.com/main.asp Made by Jake Albers
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