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Magento Autoscaling using Amazon Web Services

No description

Andriy Samilyak

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Magento Autoscaling using Amazon Web Services

Bird's-eye view Configuration flow 1. Autoscaling triggers NODE creation 2. Node is configured with chef-client Assets flow (simplified) Node Loadbalancer /var/www/current ./media /tmp/code /var/www/shared/media symlink /var/www/shared/media GlusterFS mount HTTP flow Varnish :80 ELB Loadbalancer Node Apache :80 Apache :80xx admin-related
url patterns HTTPs flow (SSL-termination) Varnish :80 nginx :443 Configured as backend Emails flow Loadbalancer Node postfix Amazon SecurityGroup
that blocks access to TCP:25
for everyone except
SecurityGroup members CloudFormation Template example: https://gist.github.com/werdan/4368906 NB! Only frontend-nodes are managed. Loadbalancer, RDS, ElastiCache are created manually /var/www/current rsync Capistrano

deployment Cloud-init template
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