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Why My Voice Is Important

For the Optimist Speech Contest 2012-2013

Veronica Calvo

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Why My Voice Is Important

Go Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg! My Voice Matters Because of Who I Am I am a human being. What is My Voice? My Voice is the the expression that I have for all my desires, my dreams, my beliefs, my creativity, my faith, my hope, my love, my desire to make a difference. My Voice is Important Because of How... Society is Set Up Why My Voice is Important Optimist Speech Contest 2013 I am a child of God. I, in particular, have experiences and feelings that are worthwhile. My rational nature separates me from other animals. Sharing my voice is part of what it means to be human. I have dignity and integrity because God created me and made me in His image. God gave me a voice so that I could use it. My faith, education, family, experiences, feelings, desires and aspirations matter. My Voice can be heard vocally, through the written (or typed) word or through my actions. In a democracy, everyone's voice matters. My voice can change our laws, governance, moral code, institutions, etc. Human Beings Operate We discuss things to change people's minds and hearts. I have the opportunity to change people's hearts. I have the capacity to let my heart and mind change, too. My Voice is Important... In my family In school On my sports teams In my extracurricular activities For my community In my Church For myself My Voice Should be Heard.... When I see injustice. When I can speak for the voiceless. When I can improve something. When I have an idea. When I need to express myself. Prudence is the virtue of knowing when to speak! We have luminous examples of people who used their voices well... John Paul II Martin Luther King, Jr. Thomas Jefferson Tim Tebow Rosa Parks Nelson Mandela A Murky Water Idea to Avoid.... FALSE. Some people have incorrect ideas. They have the right to believe what they want (free will), but that doesn't mean that their ideas are correct. All ideas are not equal. Some ideas are right or wrong, not "wrong for me, right for you." Because everyone has equal dignity and worth, everyone's ideas are equally true. Examples: People who deny the Holocaust, Racial supremacists, People who believe that some human lives are worth more than others, etc. My life has a purpose and part of that purpose is giving myself (sharing my voice) with others. And that's why you should believe this. Hmm...I hadn't thought of that before. Fa-La-La, Fa-La-La, Fa-La-La, La I don't think that we're talking about your singing voice... The Speech Contest is a chance to make your voice heard! So, Speak Up! Mother Teresa Tom Monaghan *Look on World Book's Important People for Ideas* Susan B. Anthony Cesar Chavez Frederick Douglass Helen Keller John Muir Eleanor Roosevelt Ida B. Wells Elie Wiesel Having a rational nature means that I can form conclusions, judgements and can make inferences, unlike this ladybug.
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