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Suja Juice - Company Analysis

No description

Hannah Walters

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Suja Juice - Company Analysis

Suja's Three C's
Four P's of Marketing

Whole Foods Demographics
Strategy Recommendations
Target Market

Adults - Male and Female
Mid-Upper Income Level
Health Conscious
Active Lifestyle

Primary: Evolution Fresh, Whole Foods in-house juices, Blueprint, Project Fresh, Vital Juice, Daily Greens

Secondary: Odwalla, Naked, Arden's Gardens

SUJA – Long Beautiful Life

Offers a wide range of cold-pressed organic juices and smoothies for every lifestyle.
Four Diverse San Diegans formed together to create a cold-beverage company. Suja’s ultimate goal is to help people everywhere transform their lives through conscious nutrition.

Passionate about fostering environmental and social well-being,
Give back with Suja Elements Cause Collective Campaign

*Approximately $1.00 premium to competitors

Premium cold-pressed organic juices and smoothies
USDA Certified Organic and certified Non-GMO, OU Certified Kosher

SUJA Classics (16oz)
SUJA Elements(12 oz)
SUJA Essentials (12 oz)

Vibrant colored bottles made of recyclable PETE #1 plastic
Purely convenient way to get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables

National Retail:
Whole Foods
Sprout’s Farmers Market
Select Spas and Health Studios
Various independent grocery stores/farmer’s market
SUJA.com, Amazon.com, Givemesomeoven.com

SUJA Classics : $8.99 ~ $6.99
In-store: $8.49 --> $7.99 Sale Price
1-day fresh start program: $55.00
3- day fresh start program: $162.00
5- day fresh start program: $270.00
SUJA Elements: $4.99
SUJA Essentials: $3.99

Public Relations: Two-way communication on SUJA website, product press releases, video interviews
Online and in-store coupons ($1.00 off Suja Essentials)
Positive Press from alternative media
Affinity Marketing (Partnering/Giveaways)
In-Store Demos
OOH Advertising (Billboards)
Affluent Customers

Families / Parents

Staff had little to no product knowledge
Johns Creek (10215)
Harry's Farmer's Market (10184)
5945 State Bridge Rd
Johns Creek Georgia 30097
70 Powers Ferry Rd SE
Marietta, GA 30067
50% pop ages 35-54
81% pop family households
Average HHI $142,831
50% pop ages 26-48
55% pop family households
Average HHI $77,073
Met with store manager. Could not give specific information on Suja products.
Spoke with younger employee. Offered his opinions and general nutrition information.
Display Evaluation
Located in Cold Drinks section of grocery store
Single rows , horizontal layout (1/4 of shelf)
Free handed placement (No dispensers or spacers)
Not well organized, gaps in stock
Eye Level to target audience
Covers 1/3 of the display space as leading competitors, maybe more
Neighboring beverages: Naked, Odwalla , Evolution, Columbia Gorge, Daily Greens
Lost in the sea of cold drink options- Saturated Market

Current Promotions

Pros and Cons
Retail Execution
Ideal Shelf Placement (eye level)
Johns Creek Whole Foods- Smaller Cold Drinks Cooler
SUJA Classics were separated from SUJA Elements

Free Handed Placement – Unorganized and too close together
Gaps in Stock
Bottle design is too similar to Daily Greens, but more expensive
Difficult to read each label in the mix of beverages
Prices were not accurately in-line with the respective juice
Lack of POS accessories that promote or describe the brand

Columbia Gorge $3.69 – 2/$5 $2.38 Savings

Naked $3.29

Arden’s Garden $2.99 (Local Company) Biggest Competitor

SUJA $8.49 / $7.99 $.50 savings

SUJA Elements $4.99
Product Repositioning
Transfer Suja's display to the produce department. Customers will perceive Suja as a"progressive" choice of fruits and veggies to support their everyday nutrition rather than a "complementary" beverage.
Suja Classics
Label Modification
Consider redesigning the label to look more like the box. The ingredients mask the juice title.

Suja Display Innovations
In-store Demos
using pop-up displays
POS Accessories
“Suja's Story” – Laminated bio, Overhead Chalkboard/Banner
Shelf Wobblers- low cost, easy to design – Include a QR code or #LoveSuja for a discount
Floor decals and Paintings

Consumers want to taste the beverage just by looking at the bottle. The text gets lost, especially when tucked between 30 different juice brands. The human eye has an 18 character perceptual span.
Mini or counter-top
coolers around the store
(Produce, cash-registers)
Install cooler dispensers to keep the bottles neat and organized

Thank you for your time
Live a Long Beautiful Life
Created By: Hannah Walters
Suja Juice: The Unlikely Team That's Building The Country's Fastest Growing Beverage Company
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