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Inside Out and Back Again: The Impact of the War

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on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Inside Out and Back Again: The Impact of the War

Bombs in Vietnam
"In the Distance, bombs exploded like thunder, slashes lighten the sky, gunfire falls like rain." -Ha
Before Leaving...
- Overall the war made lots of different situations for Ha and her family.

-Some of the outcomes were good, and others were bad.

- But in the end, Ha's family did what they had to in order to get a fresh start for their life.
After Leaving...
By: Kate and Kaylee
Inside Out and Back Again: The Impact of the War
- Ha's school was ended early which disappointed her greatly. (In the poem, "Closed too soon" Ha tells of the siren that interrupts their lesson and means that they have to go home. )
-Ha's father was away at the war
(Ha barely remembers her father and is always sad for her mother.)
-Ha has to experience listening to ever constant bad news on the television.
The Impact of the War on Ha's Mother
- Ha's mother worries about her kids future, especially her sons' careers. (Brother Quang studied engineering."

-Ha's mother worries about her children growing up in a communist country. (On the television news about communist bombings and attacks was everywhere on the news)
- She doesn't want her children
to "grow up in a place where they
had to save a sliver of food."
The Impact of the War on Ha's Brothers
-Brother Quang wants to finish college and is worried about his family's pride. (He says, "How can we scamper away like rats?"
Brother Khoi doesn't want to leave his chick behind. (Khoi uses his chick and Ha's papaya tree as an excuse to get Ha on his side about staying in Vietnam.)
-Brother Vu wants to leave Vietnam. (In the poem "Should We?" Brother Vu is the first to say that the family should go.)
The Impact of the War on Ha
The Impact of the War on Ha after leaving
- After leaving, Ha has to endure the refugee experience. ("Morning, noon, and night we get one clump of rice, plus one cup of water.")

- When she gets off the ship, and her family has a sponsor to Alabama, Ha has to start learning English. She finds the language very complex and frustrating. ( "Always an exception, Ha states, "Whoever invented English should be bitten by a snake!'

- Ha also has to start school. She is very worried the day before, and then feels paranoid the next day. (In one of the poems, Ha thinks that the kids at school were making fun of the Vietnam flag, when they really weren't.)

-Ha is forced to compromise. (Such as when she receives dried papaya and doesn't want to eat it but her mother makes her anyway.)

-Ha is also bullied on several occasions. (One time a boy calls her "Pancake Face" and it upset Ha a lot.)
-When Ha finds out her father is dead, she starts to accept her new life. ("At least we no longer live in waiting." Ha's mother says.)
The Impact of the War on Ha's Mother After Leaving
- Ha's mother feels disappointed when their neighbors are not kind to them. (When they go to meet their neighbors, most slam their doors.)

-Ha's mother has her family join the church even though it isn't their religion.

-Ha's mother is impacted most by the war when she finds out that her husband is dead.

The Impact of the War on Ha's Brothers
After Leaving
-Brother Koi has to finish school. He doesn't talk to the family about how he does at school.

-Brother Vu also has to finish his senior year of school since it was delayed by the war. But he wants to teach martial arts.

-Brother Quang starts to repair cars as his job.

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