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STEAM and the IB Connection

No description

Jeanne Seabridge

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of STEAM and the IB Connection

the IB Connection

The IB & STEAM Learner Share the Same Attributes
The IB-STEAM Learner can say "YES" to these questions.
MYP Design Cycle
MYP Experimental Cycle
MYP Arts Cycle
IB & STEAM Overlap
Learner Qualities
Design Thinking
Conceptual Learning
Authentic Learning
The IB & STEAM Learners want to find the answers.
IB & STEAM focus on Interdisciplinary Learning
(Disciplines should not be taught in isolation)
IB is the framework for Increasing STEAM Opportunities for our kids
IB-STEAM focuses on the Constructivist Approach to Learning
Working together to construct meaning and make sense of the world through the interplay of asking, doing and thinking. An IB education empowers young people for a lifetime of learning, independently and in collaboration with others. It prepares a community of learners to engage with global challenges through inquiry, action and reflection.
IB & STEAM Learners focus on
to make connections
IB and STEAM focus on Authentic Learning
IB & STEAM Encourages Kids to Think
Critical Thinking
Dialectical Thinking
(Thinking about Thinking)
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