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The Butterfly Project

No description

Shayna Fowler

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of The Butterfly Project

The Butterfly Project

-Six million of us are diagnosed with anorexia each year.
-Hundreds of thousands of us go home and cut ourselves every night.
-The average girl spends $300 on make up a month.
- Millions of us starve, cut, and spend excessive amounts of many to hide our flaws and reach perfection.
-Society has convinced us that we are simply not good enough. Often times, the price of perfection is death.
Staff and Student Testimonials

As an administrator, the Butterfly Project is the kind of experience you hope to offer the young adults in your building. The student led program illuminates issues impacting young adult females and ignites a conversation among them: we are, in fact, valuable, loveable and capable, despite of and due to our struggles. We must do our part to be considerate about the words we choose to say to ourselves and others. The young women leading this charge are part of the solution and encourage others to be the same. For our school, the Butterfly Project communicates that you can and should do something about the aspects of life that make you uncomfortable. You cannot sit aside and wait for others to solve what you see is broken. The climate of our school has been forever changed: our students know they have a voice and know they should use it with care and compassion.
-Amy Wilder, High School Assistant Principal

In Closing...
Think about a student that you have invested into tirelessly and consistently. If you could get them to understand or believe one thing about themselves, what would it be?

Write your answer on the poster and on your butterfly. Give them the Butterfly so that they can have a tangible reminder that they are valuable, lovable, capable, and beautiful
Attatched to the butterfly is our business card, contact us!
Thank you so incredibly much for your time!
The Statistics
The Butterfly Girls
Shayna Fowler, 18, graduated from Pickerington High School Central.

Holly Hollopeter, 15, Sophomore at Pickerington Central High School
2 years
3 countries
Hope brought to 13,000 girls
9 rescued from Human Trafficking in result

-Middle School (5th & 6th grade)
-Junior High (7th & 8th grade)
-High School (9th-12th grade)
Junior High/High School
Focus: To remind girls that they are valuable, lovable, capable, and beautiful
-Butterfly Welcome
-Butterfly video
-Boundary Breaking
-Beauty Contracts
-Apology Letters
-Meet Me in the Middle
-I am Statement
Middle School
Focus: What does it mean to be pretty?
-Butterfly Video
-Baby Butterflies Intro
-Skits: What "pretty" acts like, looks like, and posts
-Boundary Breaking
-Apology Letter
-Pretty Pact
Label me, Advice Booth, Butterfly Closet, & Photo Booth

How to Get Involved
-Butterflies in a Box
-Going Nationwide
-Bring The Butterfly Project to your school!
-Visit our website/ Contact us
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