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Utopian Society

No description

Aniya Monger

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Utopian Society

Winston- Salem, NC Old Salem Basic Community Rules and Laws Family Guidelines Marriage/Medical
Guidelines Careers Education Religious Beliefs Government Guidelines The families were separted by their same age, sex, and marital status living and working together. Married couples where separted from their children and was to move in with other married men and women The first school was built in 1771 which was a all boy school There are a variety of fields include historical preservation, retail, education administration, and visitor services Then in 1801 the first girls school was built because the families were asking could their daughters go to school In keeping with the Church's spiritual philosophy, the congregation was divided
into choirs with members of the same age, sex, and marital status living and working together. The Moravians, who were members of an
ancient Protestant Episcopal Church,
the Unitas Fratrum or Unity of the
Brethren, that had its roots in 1457 in
what is now the Czech Republic
(Bohemia and Moravia). As the area surrounding Salem grew, the Church's control of
community life decreased. In 1856, the Church chose to give up its control and adopted a typical town structure with elected representation. In particular, industrial development grew at an
extremely rapid pace. Eventually tobacco manufacturing
became the predominant industry. Then flourished textile and furniture areothers industries. The choirs where to be separted at all times and t The Forsyth County Historic Resources
Commission (HRC) was maade to
maintain, protect, and preserve the community’s
historic structures, districts, and elements that
have historical, cultural, architectural, and
archaeological significance. Was once a Theocracy until the changes of 1856 by the community and others complaints Before becoming a Theocracy, the Elders and trustees ran the goernment So children didnt go up with there parents but with other children their age and sex They also allowed others to come into the community and get married They used herbs for medicine and did not need a doctor outside the community The boys and girls were separted and was not allowed to go to school together In the years to come they started aloowing them to go to school together
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