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Planets Suite

Grade 2 Planets

Ms. Lau

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Planets Suite

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
by Gustav Holst
The Planets Suite
The Winged Messenger
Venus is the Greek God
of love.

How is the music
different from Mars?
The Red Planet
The Bringer of Jollity
"Jollity" means joy and celebration.
The Bringer of Old Age
What is the tempo of this piece like?
The Magician
Can you hear a distinct 4 note
Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system.

Mercury does not orbit like Earth does! Therefore one side of it gets very, very hot!

It is named after the Roman god - Mercury, who was famous for wearing winged shoes, which enables him to travel in great speed! How did Mr.Holst show that in the music?

What instrument does the Celeste looks like?
The Bringer of Peace
The Bringer of War
What is the meter?
Can you hear the
It is the largest of all planets!
Can you hear the meter?
Jupiter is the God of all gods, he's the King of all Gods.
Trombone, Trumpet,
Tuba, Basson
The Mystic
Neptune is the God of the Sea, also known
as "Poseidon".
What new instrument did you hear?
Gustav Holst
1874 - 1934
- He was born in England
- He began composing at
the age of 12!
- He 'discovered' Astrology and
was interested in it his entire life.
- Mr.Holst was also a music teacher,
after he retired, he dedicated
his life to composing music.

The Planets Suite
- It was written in the 20th Century period, in 1914 - 1916
- It is a seven-movement Orchestral suite written for the Orchestra.
- The first performance was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra in London, UK in 1920.

This planet takes only 88 earth days to travel around the sun.
How about the Earth?
Inspired by the sounds around us, can you create a piece of music titled 'Earth'? Think about the ideas/feelings you want to express in the composition.
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