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The Role Of Technology in Teaching in the Classroom

By: Mark Prensky

Rachel Silvers

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of The Role Of Technology in Teaching in the Classroom

The Role of Technology in
Teaching and the Classroom
By: Mark Prensky The PedAgogy From old to new!! Old: telling, talking, and lecturing New: kids teaching themselves...
Student centered learning The role of technology in our classrooms should be.... supporting the new teaching paradigm where students are teaching themselves with guidance from teachers. The author says.... Technology should support students
teaching themselves. What does the
new technology offer??? Students:
search and research tools
analysis tools
creation tools The teacher.... Is merely a facilitator
and guide The teacher offers
quality assurance
context clues

Students should be using the technology, not the teachers.... STop Lecturing! Allow children to learn by themselves!
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