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Jet Airplanes (Jet Aircrafts)

By, Christine

Christine Obedoza ....

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Jet Airplanes (Jet Aircrafts)

By, Christine Obedoza Flight & More Of Jet Airplanes The Jet Aircraft Model How Did I Make It? Why Did I Chose This Tree? The End Pictures of Jet Airplanes Landing And Take Off Inventors & Engines Parts Of The Jet Aircraft! Airplanes? History... The Wright Brothers were the ones who invented the airplane (the flyer), but as the famous aircraft became more famous and more improved, some people started wondering if the aircraft could go any faster and that's why now a days we have the jet airplane. Sir Frank Whittle & a RAF officer, were the first people to improve the idea of the jet engine in 1928. Ever since that year the jet engine became a part of the jet airplane (jet aircraft). The first jet airplane that flew was created by Sir Frank Whittle & Dr. Hans von Ohain in 1939 & 1941. Did you know the Germans from world war II, were the ones who improved the jet airplane during world war II, and they used it to launch nuclear weapons or to import or export nuclear weapons to other countries? Now a days the olden jet airplane has now been improved with 3 different kinds of engines, such as, turbojet, turbofan and rocket which makes a jet airplane fly faster, but it still depends on the jet airplane's engine. From the 1910s to our generation (2012-2013), the jet airplanes have really gone a long way. For example, seats used to be only 2 per jet airplane, but now it's around 10 - 16 seats per jet airplane (it depends on the jet airplane), which is alot but some carry more than alot like the Boeing 747-8 or any other large plane. Jet airplanes have streamline bodies (Sears-Haacked bodies)- they are shaped like a top view of a kayak- which make them able to fly and use Bernoulli's Principle. The making of the planes has been using the method of trial and error and by now the jet airplanes has been improved majorly by the method of trial and error. That's all about the jet airplanes, but before we move into the next subtitle please watch this interesting video about the Boeing 747-8 (kind of jet aircraft). There is not much of a difference when the jet airplane lands
and when it takes off. It takes off horizontally then lands
horizontally. See there isn't much of a difference. Look at the video below, it will show you how the jet airplane lands and takes off. The jet airplane's flight all has to do with Bernoulli's Principle. Lift, weight, drag and thrust are the 4 parts of Bernoulli's Principle. For the jet aircraft it applies more thrust and less drag than the usual plane because of their jets. The jet airplane can fly at an altitude that's approximately 15,000-20,000 and has speed that is very fast (supersonic). The jet aircraft has around 1 million parts and plus the weight of the passengers and amazingly it could fly with the heavy weight it carries and that's seems pretty impressive!!! A small sized jet airplane taking flight I made it by making the skeleton out of toothpicks and mildly cooked , flat noodles. I pasted the the toothpicks together to form a 3-D outline of a modern jet aircraft and I used a quarter of a pack (noodles) and a ton of toothpicks. Then if I spotted weak parts, I'd put more silicone glue on it. I put the noodles on the outside vertically and horizontally making the flat side face the outside and inside. I glued it together piece by piece, then I would wait until it was dry and stable. I put some thinner noodles on top of the flat noodles to make it look more 3 dimensional (3-D).
This model took approximately 2-3 days! Please ask any questions about my presentation and model. Or comment, too.

Thank You!! :) Flight The parts of the Jet airplane are very similar to a glider, airplane and anything that is shaped like an airplane, but the difference is that the "Jet Airplane" has jets and does not have to be lifted into the air so that it will glide. Down below there is a diagram of a jet airplane. It shows the parts of the jet airplane and how it works. Flight One of today's modern jet airplanes taking flight I used a tree for my presentation, because I wanted to expand the main idea into different parts such as, History, Jet Airplanes, Flight, etc. I also wanted to divide the parts into subtitles to make it an easier visual and to show you a better understanding for this topic (Jet Airplanes). Main Idea:
Jet Airplanes The Reason Why I Chose This Tree As My Prezi Presentation Conclusion!! And Interesting Facts
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