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Theodore Roosevelt Mixed Media Collage

No description

Amy Story

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of Theodore Roosevelt Mixed Media Collage

Art and Presidential Decision Making; Theodore Roosevelt Mixed Media Collage
The Creative Process
Your Artwork should reflect your ideas and conclusions you discover from your research.
Mrs. Story's Contact Information:
The benefit of Art is that it is adaptable to suit many children. Those with SEND will not be excluded as art comes down to expressing personal ideas. No alterations to our lesson plan will be necessary perhaps help from teaching assistants as the task of batik is quite a practical task. For example students with dyslexia shouldn't find this lesson hard as it doesn't involve any reading or writing, it is purely based on the children being creative and using their imagination.
Use blog on Weebly!
You must have these three parts of composition in your art:
1. Diagonal
2.Thirds- Foreground, background, and middle-ground
3. Asymmetry
How do I put this together
1. Find your materials.
Email Resources to Mrs. Story for Printing.
Include images and size you need it printed.
"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. "

Scott Adams
How do you illustrate your ideas in an image?
Other resources- images from time period
Quotes from resources
Composition- how you lead your eye around the page.
Finished Product!
2. Collage Materials
printed resources
clear tar gel
found objects; mixed media closet!
Steps to putting it together!
Our Lesson
Get Canvas! 11" x 14"
Pick your topic
what is your thesis?
Wet Paper!
Add Clear Tar Gel!
Clear Tar Gel on top!
Each element added to the work contributes to students thesis.
Student must use all 3 parts of composition
Materials; students can use images either scanned or copied, matte medium, limited amount of paint or permanent marker, and limited amount of found objects.
Each Day:
1. Write what you did today.
2. Write about
any inspirational information for artwork and topic
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