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digitalizacja i e-smieci

wprowadzenie do wiedzy o mediach 3

Magdalena Zdrodowska

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of digitalizacja i e-smieci


“American self-portrait” Chris Jordan
32 thousand of Barbie dolls - A breast enlargement operation is performed in the U.S. every month.
125 000 hundred dollar bills ($ 12.5 million) - this is the hourly cost of the U.S. war in Iraq in 2007.
200 000 packs of cigarettes - As many Americans die from smoking in every six months.
One million plastic cups used on flights in the U.S. in every 6 hours.
460 000 off cell phones "retire" every day in the U.S.
Transmediale 2012
Dark Drives. Uneasy Energies in Technological Times
TIME China's Electronic waste Villiage
THE NY TIMES A Global Graveyard for Dead Computers in Gghana

TV chips

Glory box

Fairy tale

Wash and go

Sport TV


Animal planet

Zen TV i Sit Down

Brownian Motion

Monte Cristo

Green TV



TV cage

Qwerty Sculpture Sarah Frost 2011
Noah Scalin Dead-Media 2012
circuit bending
Reed Ghazala
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