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Primary School

No description

Joanna Moore

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Primary School

Journey of Learning
Our Mission
Commando Joe’s unique programmes have a proven track record in improving attendance, behaviour and ultimately achievement. We inspire young people to achieve their goals and overcome the barriers to learning. Pupils on our programmes are:
Core Delivery Model


“It makes you look forward to going to school because it’s fun and it gets you ready for learning”.
“I used to be naughty but now I am not. Commando Joe’s encourages you to be better at your behaviour and not be bad.“

Health & Wellbeing

Attainment… So What?

increased ability in writing (St Aloysius)
Commando Joe's in Action

Example of a School Day

Ofsted Inspection

Lesson Plans
Key Stages 1 and 2

0800 Breakfast club

0830 Fit for learning

0845 Late gate program

0900 Motivational assemblies

0910 Commando Joe’s scheme of work

1030 Break time support

1100 Commando Joe’s scheme of work

1200 Commando Joe’s top table

1215 Lunch time activities

1300 Commando Joe’s scheme of work

1530 After school club

Physical activities
Breakfast club
Community engagement
Parent participation

Mental health
Communication skills
Self esteem

Improved health and increased wellbeing
“It’s really good because it helps people get confident. Not to give up on things you can’t do. There is no I in team. I’ve learnt never to give up when things get hard. Its good to be me!”

“If we have our t-shirt hanging out and tie’s all over the place, he’s says fix it, so you’ll be smart. In the morning when you’re dead grumpy coming to school, CJ’s keeps you happy throughout the day. CJ is a treat, so that’s kind of why. I think of all the good things I’ve achieved with Commando Joe’s."

Promote good behaviour
Support unstructured times
Respect – self and others

Positive role model
Self regulate

Improved Behaviour

Breakfast club
Late gate
Fit for learning
Reward scheme



Physical tasks
Drill tasks
Command tasks
Field craft tasks
Life skills


Health and
well being




1.Introduction to Commando Joe’s Instructor
2. Rules to be used throughout Commando Joe’s lesson

1.Introduce the instructor to the class
2. Personal presentation
3. Class participation
4. Ice Breaker

1. Work together as part of a team
2. Improve communication skills through team work
3. Use speed and accuracy to complete a task

1. Cross the river using various items of equipment
2. Get in various shapes and words in groups

1. Answer math questions within a Military PT circuit as part of a team
2. Think and work under stressful conditions as part of a team

1. Carry out a Military PT circuit that encompasses various math questions relevant to curriculum

1. Carry out a Pass Off Parade in front of a select audience

1. Carry out Pass Off Parade

Full Engagement

Supply staff cover
Sports day
Enterprise days
Residential support
Outdoor adventure activity programme
Parents evening presence
Community engagement / participation

YR5 Aloysius Primary School
Average increase over 12 week intervention across schools assessed
Average improvement in fitness over 12 weeks in multi stage fitness test KS2, 37% improvement
YR5 Wilbraham Primary School
YR 5 Stanley Grove School
Achieving higher academic objectives.
Developing self-esteem, confidence and communication.
Improving their health and wellbeing.
Increasing their learning appetite.

improved attendance (Hollin Primary)

improved Maths grades by a minimum of 2 sub levels (Stanley Grove Primary)

participants increased reading levels.
(St Aloysius Primary)

increased daily teaching time

YR 5 Hollin Primary

Option 1: £11,000+VAT
Option 2: £21,000+VAT
Option 3: £30,750+VAT
1 full day a week
39 full days in an academic year
Consistent Commando Joe
Additional hours everyday included
2 full day a weeks
78 full days in an academic year
Consistent Commando Joe
Additional hours everyday included
3 full day a weeks
117 full days in an academic year
Consistent Commando Joe
Additional hours everyday included
Your Programme

Adapted for Primary, Secondary, Academies, Trusts and Federations, our programmes are typically designed as follows:
• 39 consecutive weeks.
• A dedicated instructor to your school for the whole programme.
• All equipment provided for specialist drills and activities.
• Instructors who are positive role models who ‘inspire to achieve’.
• To improve the attainment for gifted and talented, middle tier and low ability pupils.
• Instructor in school between 1-3 days, every week including breakfast clubs, with full school engagement finishing with after club clubs.
• Supported by DfE and ideal for pupil premium budgets.

Every time I visit Commando Joes’, witness your sessions, or talk to teachers about your involvement in schools I am truly impressed and inspired. Commando Joes’ dedication to schools, pupils, and the community is extraordinary. Similarly, your plans to demonstrate and evaluate the impact of your provision leave me in no doubt about your intentions to make a material difference to the attainment of these pupils.
David Fugurally Exclusions and Alternative Provision Department for Education
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