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EVT 201

Mad Hatter Vintage Tea Party

Dee Nguyen

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of EVT 201

Katriona's Baby shower Mad Hatter Mad Hatter Tea Party
with a 19th Century theme
Product: Baby shower
Price: Costs is covered guests are encouraged to bring a small gift to contribute to the new baby
Place: Vaucluse Mansion
Promotion: Invites only and invitations are mailed out directly to the home addresses of the guests Marketing Mix •Everyone has to dress up with clothes from the 19th century
•Have vintage invitations that has “An invitation from the Queen to play croquet.”
And to also remind guests not to be late for a very important date like the white rabbit.
•Have decorations that look like you are in wonderland.
•Shape the invitations like a top hat i.e. Mad Hatter
•Decorate the door so it represents a rabbit hole
•Have rabbit paw tracts. Ideas Geographic:
•CBD (Central Business District)
•Mid-thirties to early-forties
•Male and Female
•100k+ a year
•Upper class
•Married or have a partnership of 5years+ Audience Identification Audience Identification
Psycho graphic:
•Well educated
•High income earners

•High loyalty
•Strong family values
David Huang is 39 years of age, has just recently adopted a daughter with partner of 5 years. Mr Huang lives in the CBD but is planning on moving into the suburbs to accommodate his new family lifestyle. Mr Huang earns 100k + a year he graduated from university with honors and is known to be a well respectable man in his social group Target Audience Basic Operational Budget and Timelines Budget $30 000 Timelines Gantt Chart What The event will be inclusive of games, food and beverage. In addition each guest will be asked to pose within a photography diorama/studio that will be set up with stand in (non-living) stunt baby. The event will be a baby shower for 300 guests held at the couples home. The baby shower will be catered and themed as a mad hatter tea party, with a 19th century style parameter. Katriona will be photo shopped into the images at a later date, and guests will receive the personalized memento at the end of the gather to take home. Where Vaucluse mansion will be the location. This will provide the best comfort for the audience and more importantly the guest of honor (Katriona) and her parents. Furthermore the property is of a sufficient size and design to cater to the events needs and requirements regarding a mad hatter 19th century theme. When Desired outcomes of the client
the ‘WOW’ factor Three months from the given contract. The family has requested the event be held as soon as possible. However we will require 3 months minimum to contract caterers and to ensure that the correct décor has been found and utilized to combine to form the perfect themed event. WHY This event is to celebrate the arrival of the much waited for and loved baby Katriona. It is to help the David Huang and Ms Smith to introduce their new family member to all of their family and friends and to help integrate the baby and their new family structure within their lifestyle and support network. After all it takes a village to raise a child. Key Goals & Objectives • To remain within a $30, 000 budget

• To provide a quality event that all guests will enjoy and remember

• To ensure that Katriona is given the perfect introduction to her new community and made to feel
welcome and apart of the experience, as much as reasonable possible.

• To host the event as soon as possible

• To include a personalise gift for each guest. The family has requested the photos.

• To ensure the needs, wants, desires and expectations of the client are met as much as possible. Risk Management Strategy Allen et al (2011:545) states that risk management should be embedded in all the organizations practices and policies, in a way that is relevant, effective and efficient. Our company follows this as our mantra and as such we know that risk management is a continuous process that will help minimize losses and maximize opportunities. Therefore we have come up with the follow strategies to help us cope with the possible risk associated with Katriona’s baby shower. SWOT ANALYSIS Key Recommendations for Risk management & Risk Reduction WHO The Stakeholders at this event will include:
David Huang
Ms Smith,
Baby Katriona
all of the invited family, friends and co-workers,
the house keeping staff,
the caterers and
all other contractors that will be procured for the event. • One key member of staff will be the liaison officer and responsible for reporting to the client.

• Milestones and scheduling will be monitored closely and regular work in progress reports will be written.

• All communication with the client should be recorded and were possible written down with a signature.

• Invitations should be designed and guest list agreed to asap. Once finished they need to go out to guests as soon as possible. Invitations should also explain the photo requirement.

• All information that is to be printed for guests should be double check by designer and checked and signed off by the client.

• A map and program will be given out to each guest explain and requesting they do the photo, as well as providing them with the exit strategy in case of emergency.

• Guests will be greeted by staff and the hosts upon entry, and photo requested will be reiterated as well as a quick outline of the facilities, eg. toilet locations.

• Additional toilets will be ordered. Signs are to be placed inside requesting guests to inform staff if there are any issues.

• Entry into the home will be as limited as possible.

• Car parking will take place at the bottom of the hill, in a paddock. Valet attendants will greet guests and park their cars. Guests will be asked to wait in a clearly marked area for a shuttle bus that will take them up to the main house. The same shuttle buses will transport them back down again at the end of the event. No guest or staff member should be walking on the drive way at any point.

• MC will introduce the night, as well as point out amenities and a quick outline of any safety procedures. •Staff will have already practiced emergency evacuation procedures at this location.
•Normal alcohol laws and limitations will apply.
•Security guards will be present.
•All staff must wear picture ID badges
•Ticketing and documentation system will be in place for clock room.
•Clearly marked areas will be setup for deliveries. Hi Vis shirts will be a must.
•Staff will be trained in safe lifting practices.
•All electrical cords will be taped down on ground and where possible not on the ground at all.
•Any electrical boards will be sealed and or cordoned off.
•Multiple bins will be available and clearly visible.
•Licensed electricians and qualified tradies will be dedicated to this project.
•All cords will be tagged, and fire hydrants will be located throughout the venue.
•Hot drinks will be available at tables only. Guests can not walk around with hot drinks. Staff will use dedicated paths to deliver the drinks to the tables.
•The catering company will have product liability insurance and handle food with gloved hands only.
•Substantial supplies of soap and hand sanitiser will be located throughout the venue. As will signs requesting people to wash their hands.
•Alcohol will be cut off after speeches have concluded.
•Check grounds continuously during set up and complete a final run through before guests arrive. Also ensure all other health and safety policies are followed.
•Try and monitor weather in lead up and have a contingency plan available to put in place if rain is expected.
•Monitor and control staff and contractors as much as possible throughout the event. Assign key staff members a supervisory role to help ensure policies and procedures are followed. RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN Event/project: Baby Shower for 300 People
Work area/location: Vaucluse Mansion
Dates: Unknown (In approximately 3 months) http://www.etsy.com/listing/75390108/alice-in-wonderland-invitations-for?ref=sc_1&sref=sr_2f67b4f1707d1940ff291782d982c18978a2f179eee10205e1fd5380b6a4b8df_1346651677_14098069_invite Purchasing invitations similar style to these bridal shower invitations.

Expressing the idea of a “very important date” Invitations http://www.aliceinweddingland.co.uk/alice-loves-vintage-wonderland/ http://www.aliceinweddingland.co.uk/alice-loves-vintage-wonderland/ To develop a theme and concept that is represented through all areas of the party; invitations, decorations, food, set-up and costumes.
The client made a specific request for a photo studio to be set for guests of the party to later Photoshop in baby Katriona. The creative interpretation of this is to set up a scene as a visual representation/backdrop of the theme. Creative Interpretation of Event http://pinterest.com/emmagrace15/wonderland/  A photo studio will be set as a scene from Wonderland for guests to be photographed by the photographer with props to Photoshop in Katriona in the future. Set Up – Photo Studio http://pinterest.com/emmagrace15/wonderland/ http://pinterest.com/emmagrace15/wonderland/ http://www.aliceinweddingland.co.uk/alice-loves-vintage-wonderland/ The event concept and theme originated along the lines of a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party/Wonderland. This presented opportunity for a quirky cocktail style high tea.

 This concept developed to a sophisticated, classic, vintage rendition of a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in a style present in the 19th Century. Event Concept Development and Theme http://pinterest.com/emmagrace15/wonderland/ http://www.martawrites.com/2010/06/alice-in-wonderland-party-part-i.html Vaucluse mansion will be decorated to represent various scenes of Wonderland. Decorations http://pinterest.com/emmagrace15/wonderland/  Guests will be advised on the invitation to dress in theme, which will be highly effective with the photo studio and decorations of the party. Costumes http://pinterest.com/emmagrace15/wonderland/ Food and beverage will be small canapés and sweets traditionally served at a ‘High Tea’. All food will be presented/decorated within theme.

 Champagne, wine and cocktail glasses, china tea and coffee cups will have a ‘Drink Me’ tag places around the stem/handle. Food Risk Matrix Risk Management Matrix Basic Operational Budget &Timelines The basic operational budget provided is $30 000 and the time that we have given to the project is 3.5 months. Partnerships Media and AV To ensure quality entertainment for the baby shower a superior media/AV/ Staging Company that specializes in lights, sounds, and visual entertainment, 'Microhire' are our partners. Catering 'The catering company' are well known for the elegant and 5 star service and food. By providing catering for the baby shower not only will the food taste great but it will perfectly fit into the elegant theme. Cakes and Dessert 'Little Aprons Bakery" provides great cakes and desserts. For our baby shower our elegant themed tea party will have a dessert bar as the center piece for all the food. Photographers Tony Tervoert provides a comfortable and easy environment for his subjects in order to capture those perfect memories. Perfect for the diorama. Event Designer BelleLaide Events adopt a fresh, modern and sophisticated style of event designing and ensure their clients are satisfied with only the best. Security 'MySecurity' ensures the safety of all patrons attending your party. They provided qualified and competent guards who can reduce the risk or gate crashers, and prevent damage to your property. Security The last partnership necessary to ensure that the event is a success with the Client. Mr Huang and Ms. Smith expect only the best quality service and organisation for their event and there satisfaction is a pinnacle fo the event. Client Guests will be advised by MC on the night of the event to respect Mr Vaugh and Ms Smith’s house and surrounding gardens, and any disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated e.g. destruction of plants and trees.
All paper products used for the creation of any event feature will be recycled. Mr Vaugh has requested that all painted props be kept and stalled in Katrona’s nursery as a memorabilla of her baby shower. REDUCE TOXINS AND POLLUTANTS THAT MAY HARM ANY PERSON IN CONTACT WITH HARSH CHEMICALS AND AVOID DIRECT CONTACT WITH ENVIRONMENTAL SURROUNDINGS. FOREST CONSERVATION & RECYCLING AND REUSE Eco-friendly and biodegradable products will be used throughtout the event.
For the creative displays – Mad Hatter Tea Party painted props – chemical free paint will be used.
Chemical-free cleaning products will be used for pre and post-event clean up. This will reduce the risk of all staff and attendees reacting to the toxins of cleaning products and contribute positively to the environment. REDUCE TOXINS AND POLLUTANTS THAT MAY HARM ANY PERSON IN CONTACT WITH HARSH CHEMICALS AND AVOID DIRECT CONTACT WITH ENVIRONMENTAL SURROUNDINGS. TOXINS AND POLLUTANTS Add waste management plan here WASTE MANAGEMENT Add water management action plan here WATER MANAGEMENT ACTION PLAN Photography

Natural outdoor setting for the photo shoot will save power and electricity incurred from an indoor photo shoot (more lighting needed due to limitations indoor). Mobile Generators:

A mobile generator will be hired for the event to accommodate for increased energy levels due to the staging of audio and lighting systems.

The benefits of hiring a mobile power generator in comparison to using standard home power supply include:
Low emissions
Fuel efficient
Reduce maintenance costs
Small, lightweight design
Client saves money on increased
electricity surplus REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION AND OFFSET EMISSIONS TO AIR: POLLUTION, GREENHOUSE GASES AND PARTICULATES. ENERGY AND EMISSIONS SUSTAINABLE EVENT PLANNING Our commitment to exceptional customer service will include providing our clients with a list of all costs and ensure everything is accurate.
Determine that our clients are being charged correctly for the following services:
Catering  Power supply  Security
Cleaning  Photography Local contractors and staff will be considered in the planning phase of hiring suppliers for the event.

Two medium size shuttle buses will be hired for the event, in order to cater attendees from the car parking bay to the mansion gardens.

The aim of this process is to avoid traffic congestion and transfer guests in a large group to the venue. Gases and pollutants emitted from the shuttle buses will be minimal as the drive from parking bay to the venue is short. Bamboo torches

Bamboo torches will be set up around the main marquee on the night of the event to provide a warm comfort to all attendees, with no power at all required. Oil will be provided to fuel the torches. REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION AND OFFSET EMISSIONS TO AIR: POLLUTION, GREENHOUSE GASES AND PARTICULATES. ENERGY AND EMISSIONS To promote sustainability issues and environmental awareness to our stakeholders, clients and all guest attendees.
To create opportunities that will reduce the risk of environmental damage and pollution, by discussing greener actions that our clients will benefit from using in their event.
To reduce the waste of energy and emissions, pollution, water, toxins and pollutants,.
To encourage the use of recycling and reuse, forest conservation and fare trade and production.
To implement cost saving techniques that our clients and stakeholders will agree to, and become enlightened by the benefit of using these ideas as it will contribute to environmental control.
As Allen et al (2011, p.360) believe “Events professionals and the industry as a whole have a responsibility to ensure their activities have minimal environmental impact. It is also important that events, whenever possible, create lasting positive environmental legacies for the communities that host them.” COMMITMENT TO CREATING A
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