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Margarita Lozano

No description

on 28 April 2018

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Transcript of Margarita Lozano

Fake It 'Till You Make It: The Art of Public Speaking
Margarita Lozano, MA Education
Public Speaking
My Friend's
Fictional Life
Need 2 Volunteers
* Introduce name, hobbies/ interests, how many siblings, college
s/he wants to attend, and career, s/he wants to pursue.
Example 2
Example 1

OYE Conference 2018
Definition: Occurs when one person prepares & delivers a speech for a group that listens.
Public Speaking Poll
Was that a good speech?
Why not?
What did he do wrong?
Can you cite some examples
If I answered questions like this in a job interview would I get hired?
Characteristics: Good Public Speaker
7 Deadly Sins of Public Speaking
1. Gossip
2. Judging
3. Negativity
4. Complaining
5. Excuses
6. Exaggeration (demeans our language)
7. Dogmatism (facts/ opinions)
Honesty (be clear and straight)
Authenticity (be true to yourself)
Integrity (being your word)
Love (wishing people well)

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