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Collaborative Software Development

Esta apresentação discute os benefícios de utilizar um ambiente de desenvolvimento de software na nuvem para diminuir custos e aumentar a qualidade do software produzido.

Fabiane Nardon

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Collaborative Software Development



development tools.
on the cloud.
and lots of information!
Main features:
Each checkout is a full copy of the repository, no need for a "central repository"
Very simple to create and merge branches Open source distributed version control system GIT
70% of the working time of small and
medium size software development
companies is spent managing
IT infrastructure resources
We need a good collaborative environenment Environment in the cloud * We don't do software like in the old days anymore! Distributed Teams Telecommuting Quality Agile Methodologies Will you miss this opportunity? Cloud
Computing Backup Conectivity Elasticity Reliability Issue Tracker Revision Control System Continuous Integration Wiki/Fórum/IRC Single Sign on Libraries Repository Jira
Redmine Subversion
Mercurial Hudson
CruiseControl Nexus
File System LDAP Confluence
Redmine Wiki
Drone Collaborative Software Development 8 things
about me 1 I'm a computer scientist with a PhD
on Electronic Engineering
(aka a geek) 2 I started working on
healthcare by accident 3 In 2003 I was invited to
architect a public health
information system
for the largest city in
Latin America... in 9 months and we won a
Duke's Choice award for it 4 I have spoken 10 times at JavaOne
because of a backpack 5 I'm the leader of
the JavaTools Community
at java.net 6 I'm a Java Champion 7 I'm one of the 5 original members of
the OpenJDK Governance Board 8 I love to develop in community Is it easy? 10,000 hours rule
What we do as a community, for each other, matters as much as what we do for ourselves
the environment is important Integrated environment THE CODE Issue Tracker Continuous Integration Revision Control System Library Repository Continuous Integration Hudson Open source continuous integration system. Main features:
Allows per project access control
Supports Maven, Ant, script execution, etc
Email and other alerts when a build is broken
Integrates with Subversion, Git, Redmine and LDAP
Several plugins available
Very good documentation Main Concepts:
Build: execution of a task
Broken build: a build that was not successful
Successful build: a build that passed the success criteria Extreme Feedback Network of Trust The history is MINE! in 9 months
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