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Thorndike Puzzle Box 2.0

No description

Bonnie Anne

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Thorndike Puzzle Box 2.0

Trial Time
1 4.14
2 2.02
3 6.04
4 12.21
5 8.21
6 23.32
7 12.43
8 2.5
9 .52
10 1.34
Thorndike Puzzle Box 2.0
replication by Bonnie Anne Stutz

I believe that the grumpier cat (Tiger) will take longer to learn than the friendlier cat (Magneto) because Magneto will keep cool and try to figure it out whereas Tiger will just be mad.
Does the temperament of the subject affect the rate of learning?
Independent: Lack of food
Dependent: Time
Confounds: Time of day, location, other cats around
1. Don't feed the cat
2. Place the cat in the box and start stopwatch
3. Place food in bowl outside the box out of reach of the cat
4. When the cat opens the box stop the stopwatch and record the data
5. Repeat
Tiger never seemed to figure it out.
Magneto seemed to know that if she laid down and pushed the door with her feet it would open, coincidentally pushing the string with her back.
Eventually they figured out what was going on and tried to fight me when I was putting them in the box.
At the beginning they didn't mind so much.
Building Process:
Trial Time
1 46.56
2 25.02
3 11.31
4 2.18
5 1.05
6 .08
7 1.38
8 4.48
9 1.20
10 1.16

Trial Time
1 42.42
2 23
3 5.27
4 -10.03
5 -7.16
6 -23.24
7 -11.05
8 1.98
9 .68
10 -.18
Based on the data my hypothesis was correct. Overall, Magneto did better although Tiger had better initial times.
Trial number
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